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Things That Annoy A Zodiac Sign

By Astrologer Maria Hayes

Everyone has pet peeves, and that is just normal! Being human, we all have things that annoy us from the deepest core of planet earth to the surface, and back again. But there really are things that at the slightest sign of it, cause people to freak out and engage in so-called “beast mode.” Yet, what really are these things that cause such reactions to the surface!

Zodiac Sign vs. Your Mood


#1: Being Told to Calm Down

As someone who runs on high and intense levels of energy, Aries natives would take being told to calm down and chill as a major offense against their very being. They are never the kind of people who would allow themselves to have energy levels lower than their height, so why should they listen to being told to chill?

#2 Slowpokes

They also hate slowpokes. Again, being energetic renders them desiring to be in the company of those who can keep up with them, so when they have to be with those who take things easy, the Ram thinks they are being subjected to purgatory.

#3 Unreturned Phone Calls

Another thing that Aries hates is unreturned phone calls. One thing that people should know about phones and these people is that they are very reliant on them to keep up with everything that is going on in the world. If they’re not able to communicate with others right away, they feel like they are being deprived of something.

#4: Beating Around the Bush

Beating around the bush is also another thing that Rams hate. As someone who is almost always on the move, they need to get information right away. If they do not receive it immediately, you might as well expect them to explode in impatience.

#5: Tardy People

In the same vein, Aries considers being late or having to wait for others who are late as a bane of their existence. They believe in punctuality to be able to get to the bottom of things immediately, and so, they consider tardiness a capital sin.

#6: Folk or Country Music

And most annoying of all for this sign is the existence of country or folk music. Yes, there are some of these individuals who love this genre, but when they are forced to listen to it, they might as well go bald. The calm vibe never sat well with them and instead of helping them relax, it makes them feel very antsy.


#1: Disrespecting their Boundaries

The Bull is a very territorial sign. When someone tries to invade their personal space, you might as well start praying to the cosmos as they just might fly into a rage over someone’s intrusion! Thus, when approaching a Taurus, a person must be cautious enough not to step over their heavily-enforced boundaries.

#2: Arrogance

Arrogance is also a pet peeve for this sign. As one of the most “grounded” signs in the Zodiac, they prefer to be around people who are humble and approachable. If they have to be around braggarts, might as well expect this sign to grit their teeth in sheer anger and annoyance.

#3: Unkempt Places

Messy and disorganized places and things also annoy Taurus to the core. They love order, and when they see something out of place, they would start complaining about it big time! Additionally, they may even start arranging things while also grumbling very loudly.

#4: Lack of Attention

Receiving inadequate attention also bugs the Bull. If they are doing something and people are not giving them the attention they thought they should be receiving, they would start acting like big-time primadonnas and demand why this is so.

#5: Humiliation

Humiliation is also another thing that this Zodiac sign hates. When they are turned into laughing stock instead of figures worthy of respect, they get angry and may even lose their sense of self-worth.

#6: Superficiality

Lastly, Taurus hates superficiality. Their love for deep and profound things causes them to be annoyed at people who act and appear to be very worldly as they deem them to be very childish.


#1: Being Around Anti-Social People

When people are not sociable, Gemini feels insulted. As someone who loves basking in the vibrancy of the world, being around those who barely even talk and interact with them makes this sign very uncomfortable and visibly annoyed.

#2: Serious People

Those born under the sign of the Twins also hate people who are too serious and do not understand the value of comedy. For them, these people are too pretentious and do not appreciate the beauty of the world despite its many problems.

#3: Lack of Attention

Not being the center of attention also causes Gemini distress. They feel like they are inadequate if others don’t notice whatever they are doing, as well as a great annoyance whenever they are doing something that they consider groundbreaking, but is constantly ignored by other people.

#4: Unenthusiastic People

Having to deal with people who do not have the same levels of energy as them also makes this sign feel annoyed. For them, those who are not enthusiastic when doing things are being dramatic, and thus are not worthy of any attention! During particularly bad days, Gemini might even step in and chastise those they feel are not doing their best.

#5: Pessimism

Pessimism is also something that annoys the sign of the Twins. As individuals who believe that the best is yet to come, having to interact with people who radiate negative energy and say equally pessimistic things makes them feel uneasy! They also get into fights largely because of their belief that there is no sense in being negative because everything will come to a satisfying end.

#6: Uncooperative Technology

And most of all, as the most technologically savvy Zodiac sign, Gemini hates it when new tech doesn’t work as intended. They feel it to be a great disservice not just to themselves, but also to others. As such, they feel great annoyance when the things they rely on turn out to be unreliable.


#1: Being Taken Advantage Of

When people use Cancer’s emotional side as leverage, they feel threatened. Their kindness and empathy are their greatest strength, but people often use this against them thus resulting in them feeling used and abused by those that they trust.

#2: Punctuality

People who are also punctual also make the Crab feel antsy and annoyed. They prefer people who are easygoing and chill about the way things work, and they think that people who are too active are individuals lacking in attention. When having to deal with these people, this sign just might implode out of the blue.

#3: Criticism

Criticisms are something that Cancer hates a lot. As someone who feels like they are just doing what they think is best for themselves and those around them, they get annoyed when someone points out the wrongs that they did as they see it as an insult to the service that they have done.

#4: Violence

Violence is also another thing that the Crab is not agreeable to. Their gentleness is their trademark, and those that are into its opposite are seen as their enemy. They don’t see the point of hurting and harming others for one’s benefit as they see it as going against their personal morals.

#5: Misbehavior

Ill-behaved children also rustle Cancer’s feathers. They want serenity and peace in their immediate environment and when a kid comes in yelling and wanting attention, they get pissed almost immediately!

#6: Attention Thieves

Of course, the Crab sign hates people who steal the limelight. Yes, they may like to be lowkey, but there are also times when they want everyone’s undivided attention. However, when someone comes along to steal it, they don’t take it lightly and see it as a cause for insinuating chaos.


#1: Threatening their Loved Ones

It may seem unlikely, but Leo will surely flash its sharp fangs and claws when someone threatens to hurt the people they value. They don’t take these things lightly! Even when someone meant it as a joke, the Lion wouldn’t hesitate to pounce on the person as a first and final warning to never do it again.

#2: Lack of Attention

This sign also wants attention to be on them. As the resident drama queen of the Zodiac, they find it insulting if other people choose to ignore them in favor of someone else.

#3: People Making them Jealous on Purpose

They also hate it when people make them jealous on purpose! Leo would understand (mostly) if someone is in a better position than them or has the things they wanted for so long but they were not able to afford. But if that person prods them to be jealous, this sign would not forget it quite easily.

#4: Being Ordered Around

The Lion also hates being told what to do. They are independent-minded, and when others order them around, they feel downright annoyed by it all. Sometimes, they might even prompt the other party to engage in a heated debate over why they should or shouldn’t do something at all!

#5: Being Told to Calm Down

Leo also despises being told to chill. They live for the energy and vibrancy of the world, and whenever they are told to calm down, they don’t take things quite lightly.

#6: Lack of Socialization

Being unable to socialize also buggers this sign a lot. They want to be around people, and isolation is simply another word for hell in their vocabulary! When placed in a situation where they can’t interact with others in person,


#1: Being Ignored

It is truly ironic that for a person who cares a lot for others, their biggest annoyance is the fact that people tend to ignore them because of one thing or another. This is true for Virgo whose biggest pet peeve is other peoples’ habit of forgetting to check on them because the latter is too used to being cared for and not the other way around.

#2: Unkempt Places

Disorganized places also piss off those born under the sign of the Maiden. They want to see things on their rightful spots and when this isn’t happening when they’re around, they tend to go beast mode real quick!

#3: Infrequent Human Contact

They are also annoyed at people who do not contact them frequently. Because they need reassurance that their loved ones are safe wherever they may be, they get antsy when they don’t do so every so often.

#4: Bad Grammar

Another pet peeve for Virgo is bad grammar. They hate it with so much passion that they just might get themselves writing a long rant over how annoying and nonsensical people sound with their grammatical errors.

#5: Swearing

Swearing also makes those born under the Maiden get worked up. They get easily annoyed at those who do that a lot, and they won’t hesitate to chastise others once they feel like they reached their listening limit to these kinds of words.

#6: Comedy

Of course, Virgo is genuinely annoyed at people who try to be funny, especially during situations where they deem it to be unnecessary. Once they get themselves in events where this happens, people might as well expect this sign to start complaining quite loudly about it all.


#1: Being Perceived as Basic

Being called “basic” and boring will surely get anyone to Libra’s nerves. For one, they think of themselves as unique and nonconforming, so when someone perceives them as their opposite, you can expect that these people will not be friendly to those critics anytime soon.

#2: Having to Turn Down Music

This sign is also notable for their love of music. So whenever someone asks them to turn down whatever tunes they are listening to, they will straight up get annoyed and might even get pissed at the person who made them lower the volume.

#3: Cruelty

Cruelty is also something that Libra will never tolerate in any form and shape. As a believer in spreading kindness and goodwill, they truly hate it when people harm things, animals, or even their fellow humans. Once this sign catches sight of any of these happening, they will not hesitate to attack!

#4: Impermanent People

Temporary people are also something that those born under the Scales would tolerate. In fact, it annoys them to no end as they hold the belief that relationships are for life, no matter what they may be.

#5: Abuse

Any form of abuse also gets to Libra’s nerves quite easily. They do not take to it well, to the point that they just might end up doing something poorly thought of when they see it! For them, hurting others does not have any place in this world, which is why they go against it at every chance that they get.

#6: Moral Ascendancy

Of course, those born under the sign of the Scale hate it when people act as if they are more upright than them. They believe in balance, so whenever someone seems to have some form of moral ascendancy, they feel disgusted and do not believe these people. Sometimes, they might even call these people hypocrites!


#1: Lying

If there is anything in this world that Scorpio hates, that would be being lied to. For them, there is nothing more insulting and annoying than people trying to make fools out of them. Whenever this happens, the Scorpion would not hesitate to get their poisonous tails out!

#2: People Making them Jealous on Purpose

People who make them jealous on purpose is also something that ticks off this sign. Most of the time they want to be left alone, so whenever someone tries to draw out this reaction from them, they would react negatively.

#3: Gossip

Gossip is another thing that the Scorpion thinks is annoying. They feel like they don’t have time to engage with such frivolities, and so, whenever someone tries to weave stories that involve them in any way, they get pissed off almost immediately.

#4: Calling Out

Getting called out is another thing that Scorpio despises. As someone who prefers to move under the guise of darkness, having to deal with this kind of thing annoys them to no end. To reveal themselves is to reveal their weakness- something that this sign is loath to do.

#5: Typical Things

The Scorpion also hates people who are into “normie” things. They think of these as wholly unnecessary, that whenever they see and hear people gushing about these kinds of stuff, it is almost as if they are about to throw up.

#6: Competitors

Of course, this sign hates having competitors. They want people to pay attention to them, and that includes not having other people who will vie for the same. Whenever this happens, Scorpio gets annoyed and does not easily forget this “insult.”


#1: Having their Goals Shot Down

It may seem unlikely, but Sagittarius actually loves to formulate goals. However, people don’t take these seriously most of the time. Whenever this happens, this sign would inevitably feel insulted about it.

#2: Tardiness

Being late for something is also another thing that annoys the Archer. They want to show up as early as they can to functions and events, so whenever someone or something experiences delays, they find it quite insulting.

#3: Picky People

They are also not into people who tend to complain a lot about things. Because this sign loves engaging itself in new things, they cannot tolerate those who are too picky. They might even initiate fights because of this!

#4: People Who Play Safe

The same goes for people who are not risk-takers. Sagittarius do not like to be around them as they feel like they are being constrained just because someone doesn’t do things out of fear. When having to deal with this, they get annoyed and even exasperated over the thought of having to handle this kind of thing.

#5: Reprimands

Getting reprimanded for the way they handle their finances also annoy the Archer to no end. They love to live big and when people tell them to take it easy, they feel like it is a personal attack on their way of life.

#6: Human Rights Violations

Finally, this sign hates it when other peoples’ rights are being trampled upon. Knowing about this kind of thing gets them worked up, and sometimes, they may even find ways in which they can help push it back for the sake of everyone else.


#1: Mistakes

Mistakes are something that Capricorn hates having to deal with. Being perfectionists, they want to do things meticulously down to the last detail. When they notice even the slightest bit of error, they go berserk and feel like everything that they worked hard for has been for naught.

#2: Financial Illiteracy

Another thing that annoys this sign is people who are irresponsible when it comes to financing. They understand the value of financial security intimately that whenever they catch wind of someone who was being haphazard with their money, they get annoyed to no end.

#3: Lack of Discipline

Lack of discipline is also a thing that ticks off the Goat. They believe that having a strict ethic when having to do things is the way to go, and whenever they have to deal with people that are a bit wishy-washy in doing things, it is almost as if one can almost see their blood pressure rise up.

#4: Unfulfilled Obligations

Unfulfilled obligations also make this sign feel antsy. They value agreements so much that whenever a person does not hold up their side of the deal, they feel like they are being insulted right in front of their face.

#5: Taking Thing Easy

Taking things slow is also something that Capricorn hates. Time is gold for these people, and whenever they have to deal with people that are too lax when it comes to schedule, they get downright annoyed by the fact that they have to deal with such an “incompetence.”

#6: Poor Fashion Tastes

Finally, the Goat gets easily annoyed by people who don’t have good taste, especially in fashion. They have a good eye for what is aesthetic or not and whenever they see the latter being worn by someone, it is almost like they are about to burst into rage.


#1: Inattentive People

Whenever people are not putting their all when communicating with them, Aquarius gets visibly annoyed. They find it insulting and not at all tolerable when someone’s attention is divided when talking to them.

#2: Dealing With the Past

Having to deal with past events is also another thing that annoys the Water Bearer. For them, they are no longer liable for whatever it is that they have done, and having to face them for one reason or another is downright unacceptable for them to do.

#3: Impracticality

Those that are impractical also rustle Aquarius’ feathers. They want things to be done immediately, and the fact that other people want to add a touch of whimsy to the things that they do does not sit well with this sign as they see it as unnecessary and a huge waste of time.

#4: Disloyalty

Having to deal with disloyal people also does not sit well with this sign. They value relationships so much that whenever they catch news of someone who hurt or betrayed the person whom they are with, the Water Bearer would no doubt develop a negative bias towards that certain individual.

#5: Being the Third Wheel

It may seem funny, but Aquarius also dislikes having to be the third wheel to someone. For them, it is insulting to their present status and is potentially hurtful. Whenever they have to get into this role, there is no doubt that a slew of complaints will get out of their mouth.

#6: Doing Dirty Work

Lastly, this sign hates having to get down and dirty- both literally and figuratively. They are very conscious of their reputation that they don’t like to be seen as tarnished in any shape or form. Getting even the slightest smudge can elicit a loud complaint from them.


#1: Interruptions

As someone who prefers to go with the flow, it takes much courage and willpower for Pisces to actually speak up. However, when they get interrupted because of one thing or another, they immediately become annoyed and insulted as to why other people had to do that to them.

#2: Humidity

Humid areas also are a big no-no for this sign. They feel like they are being subjected to unnecessary stress whenever someone invites them to go somewhere hot. Truth be told, they would just be annoyed rather than enjoy themselves and their company whenever this happens.

#3: Talkative People

Loudmouthed people are also a pet peeve for the sign of the Fish. They prefer peaceful surroundings and love to bask in the serenity of it all that whenever this respite is broken in by someone, people might as well expect this sign to go rage mode.

#4: Wishy-Washy People

People who do not hold their own ground also make Pisces annoyed. For them, those who do not defend their stance are cowards and are therefore not worthy of their respect.

#5: Drunkards

Drunkards are also another type of person that rustles this sign’s feathers. Although they are not averse to alcohol per se, those who cannot hold it in are not. It is highly likely that when you hear someone complain about having to deal with an alcoholic, that person is a Pisces!

#6: Carelessness

Of course, those who do not know how to conserve things are among those to that Pisces is not agreeable. They understand the value of things, especially those that are a result of nature and technology being harnessed at once. So, whenever a person is being haphazard, the Fish would most likely be annoyed and angry at this individual.

About the Author: Maria Hayes. With 38 years of astrology and fortune-telling experience, I helped thousands of clients over the world to change their lives thanks to my gift. I’m on a mission to change the world, one person at a time using astrology and tarot reading.

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