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About a Weight Loss Patch (and Other Misconceptions)

If you know someone who’s embraced the Le-Vel Thrive lifestyle, you’ve probably seen the Thrive DFT in action. Not ringing any bells? We’re talking about the colorful squares that Thrive enthusiasts can be seen wearing on their skin — shoulders, biceps, forearms, etc.

These unique products have become symbolic of the whole Thrive movement. And as such, they’ve generated a lot of interest, and a lot of misconceptions. Here, we’re going to set the record straight regarding Thrive DFT, while also tackling a few other myths and misunderstandings surrounding Le-Vel Thrive and the Thrive Experience.

So, let’s start with the big one: The Thrive “patch” isn’t actually a patch.

Thrive DFT Is Not a “Thrive Patch”

It’s a small adhesive square that sticks to your skin, so doesn’t that make it a Thrive patch? No.  Le-Vel does not use the term “Thrive Patch” in its official messaging. That’s because Thrive DFT is something unique.

Rather than being adapted from existing patch technology, Thrive developed a new approach to formula delivery. DFT stands for “dermafusion technology.” It’s not a weight loss patch, or a plaster, or a sticker; it’s a part of an interconnected three-step lifestyle process that goes well beyond weight loss. So, when you hear people talking about “Thrive Patches,” or you see online “Thrive Patch Reviews,” recognize that what they’re really addressing is the Thrive DFT — an original take in derma technology.

Thrive DFT Is Not Just for Women

Gender roles and identity aside, men and women have different body chemistry; what is an effective health supplement for one may not be effective or healthy for the other. However, Thrive DFT is not just a women’s product. Le-Vel Thrive has millions of customers around the world — male and female — and Thrive products are designed to benefit everyone.

By offering multiple product options. Thrive M capsules help tailor the Thrive experience to the male body, while Thrive W is designed for female users. These are designed to be used along with the ultra micronized shake mix and DFT for better nutrition and health for anyone.

The Thrive Experience Has No Major Side Effects

The products that make up the Thrive Experience (capsules, shakes, and DFT) are made from natural ingredients and effectively supply the body with essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, aminos, and other nutrients that most diets are lacking. These products also include ForsLean (a naturally-derived extract from Coleus forskohlii roots that has been shown to promote healthy weight loss), whitewillow bark (an anti inflammatory agent), green coffee bean extract (a metabolism booster), cosmoperine (an ingredient that improves bioavailability), and irvingia extract (a healthy hunger suppressant).

Each of the above ingredients has each been clinically studied and shown to be free from major side effects. That said, some people with certain sensitivities or allergies to these ingredients may experience side effects, such as skin irritation. As always, you should pay close attention to your body and discontinue use if you experience any discomfort.

The Main Thrive Experience Is Not Designed for Children

If Thrive products aren’t dangerous, then why does the Thrive website caution children under 18 years old from using them? Simply put, children and youth have different nutritional needs, and the Thrive Experience was designed for adults. This disclaimer isn’t to warn people away from known dangers; it’s to help ensure that people are using the products as intended, and thus getting the most out of their investment.

That said, Le-Vel does offer Thrive K, a Thrive formula developed specifically to address and fill nutritional gaps in children’s diets.

Le-Vel Thrive has Less Caffeine than a Cup of Coffee

Thrive capsules and shakes include caffeine from natural sources, but not in significant amounts. In fact, if you switch from morning coffee to a daily regimen of two Thrive capsules, a shake, and the DFT, you’ll actually be getting way less caffeine overall.

Where Thrive users get their increased energy and mental focus is from the improved nutrition offered by the Thrive Experience. Their bodies are able to function more effectively, and users feel better and more vibrant as a result. At the same time, many users report improved sleep, something that heavily caffeinated products have a hard time providing.

Le-Vel Thrive Is Not a Pyramid Scheme

Le-Vel uses a direct-selling model to promote its products. That means it eschews the big costs associated with traditional marketing, and instead outsources its sales to independent contractors called promoters. As those promoters build their own customer bases and encounter enthusiastic, interested people, many of the customers sign on to help sell the product. It’s this multi-level approach to marketing that has some watchdogs worried that Le-Vel might be nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Thankfully, Le-Vel is objectively not a pyramid scheme. In a pyramid scheme, the entire focus is on recruiting new downstream employees — there’s no real product being offered, and all of the money comes from new recruits who pay for the opportunity to bring in recruits of their own. Pyramid schemes are completely illegal, and are regularly shut down in the United States. Le-Vel has been doing business for nearly 10 years, its products have developed a strong, dedicated following (even among those who have no interest in becoming Le-Vel promoters) and it is completely free to sign up, so no revenue comes from recruiting.

Le-Vel Thrive and the Thrive Experience have both seen incredible growth in the last decade. But with that growth comes increased publicity, public interest, and misconceptions. Thankfully, Le-Vel is an open book, and with a little personal research, finding out the truth about Thrive isn’t difficult. Check out the Le-Vel website to learn more.

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