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5 Tips For A Healthy Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for both kids and adults alike. With candy and sweets galore it’s no wonder! But all those goodies can add plenty of  calories to your day. Here are some tips for keeping your family healthy this year. 

1. Before you and your family head out the door, try to fill up on a balanced meal.  This way your appetite is somewhat curbed and you are less prone to over indulge on the candy. 

2. Moderation is key. If your children generally eat well throughout the year, then allowing them to have a few pieces of candy on Halloween night is not such a big deal. To keep an eye on how much they consume however, stick to the bite sized portions. 

3. When you are back from trick or treating puttygen ssh , pile the candy up into two piles: One for the candy they want to keep and one for the candy you can give away or donate. In the process your children can learn a valuable lesson about sharing. 

4. Take a long walk around your neighborhood while trick or treating. This  is a fun way to add some physical activity into your day, all the while enjoying the creative costumes and decorations. Hydration is key. 

5. Instead of high sugary sweets, fun items such as stickers, glow sticks and light up key chains can be a great way to serve up Halloween without all the added calories. 

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