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Tips For Touch-Up Before An Important Meeting

Every working woman needs to dress-up for comfort as well as impact. Heat or work pressure can make your make-up sag or cake. Drinking hot liquids can smudge your lipstick. And stress can wreak havoc on everything from your skin tone to your eye make-up. It’s time for a touch-up.

To perform your own makeover in the office on a day that something important and unexpected crops up, you must have the following gear in hand. If you work in an office with other women, see which items you can share (e.g. a hairdryer, magnifying mirror, cotton wool).

Make-up Essentials

Hair Essentials

Before any important meeting, check your powder and lipstick. Blot any caked color off your lips and apply some lip balm if needed. Then take a moment to reapply your lip liner and lipstick.

Use a clean cotton swab to remove any caked or flaking make-up from the corners of your eyes and to touch up the edges of your eyeliner. The key is to keep what you put on in the morning looking great without reapplying your whole look. Add a brush of mascara.

If you got caught in the rain or meant to do your hair this morning, spray underneath your hair then turn your head upside down and use the dryer for 2 to 3 minutes on the roots alone. Lift your head and style. Fuller and fluffier hair, will frame your face more effectively and look more polished.

Grooming  Essentials

Give your hands a 3-minute makeover before a big meeting by quickly filing rough tips and giving a quick clear varnish. When the varnish is dry, use cuticle and hand cream. Never attend an important meeting with chipped or dirty nails.

Always put on a jacket before an important meeting, if you will be presenting standing up, button your jacket to keep the attention on your face (and away your bust). Earrings will help you look smart and polished.

Dressing Options

Jackets: Test the different reception you receive with and without a jacket. You’ll be amazed how much more seriously you are taken with your ‘shield’.

Skirts: opt for designs that can run, squat, get in and out of cars, and last in front of the computer for hours on end. If yours let you down by riding up or developing horizontal stretch marks, it’s time to choose a different size, fabric and cut.

Belts: Finish off your skirts and trousers with a good belt to look pulled together in every sense. Choose plain calf leather or styles with minimal design for greatest polish.

With these tips, you can freshen and brighten your look in five minutes or less – even during your most stressful days.

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