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Top 10 Hair Color Trends for 2021


Talking of hair color trends that 2021 is going to be all about subtle but statement-making color that doesn’t require constant upkeep.

According to Martin Gugliotti, licensed hairstylist, NCA competitor, educator and designer here are the ten hair color trends to dominate this year.

Platinum Blonde

By: @_hairbymaris_

Since clients have gotten out of quarantine, many are growing out their grey hair.  Of course at first not by choice, but soon they realized the possibilities of blending grey hair may be less maintenance and a softer option than full coverage.  For instance, there is less of a line as the color grows out.  Natural hair also lifts easier than colored hair.  Clients that have always wanted those soft pale platinum blondes can achieve them with less effort.  The first appointment may take longer to achieve results.  Maintenance appointments are usually less time as long as they are kept up.  Anytime a client goes blonde repair care products tend to work well.

High Contrast

By: @beautybyliz.h

One of the most popular color trends for many reasons.  Grow out tends to be softer because the depth of color matches the regrowth so no harsh lines take over.  The blonde pieces still add brightness around the face to give a look of blonde.  Maintenance appointments can consist of a glaze to freshen up any faded hair to give a boost while extending appointments.  Many clients can go 3 to 6 months without having to do a full balayage or teasy light appointment.

Bold & Bright

By: @kaitmajorbeauty

Creativity takes flight when combining bold colors and bright accent pieces.  There really is a vision that comes together when the stylist and client explore tha options of color and color placement.  In this trend the placement of where the color goes on the hair is key.  It is important to remember how the colors will look together and where each color should go.  In the picture there are 3 main colors shown. 

The brightest of the colors is in the mid lengths of the hair making that the focal point.  This placement is great for any client that is looking to keep softer colors around the face.  When looking closely at the picture you will notice a bright pop of color at the root. This trend is a fun color placement that can easily change during the next service appointment.  Even a full rainbow of colors can be used for this look.  The sky is the limit.  Let your imagination soar.  

Cool Reds

By: shape.shifter.hair_srudyhair

Oh, the shine of a freshly colored red.  Cool reds are popular to add deep tones and the feeling of brightness.  While red is fun it is definitely more of a commitment and can fade faster than other colors.  Your stylist can talk to you about maintenance options and hoe haircare.  Fun products out on the market now to take care of your reds at home are color depositing shampoos and conditioners.  Many salons stock them and they can extend the life of your red hair color much longer.  Glossing appointments can add to the vibracy as well.

Pops of Color using Extensions


Did you ever want color without the commitment?  Then extensions are the best option.  Extensions can be added for a bold pop of color exactly where you want it.  The best part is the color doesn’t fade nearly as fast as if you were to color your own hair.  The platinum color on these extensions will last and stay true to color.  It’s a great way to try out a new color or to do something fun for an event.  Everyone will be wondering what you did different on your next zoom call.

Dimensional Color

By: @hairby.kateriggs

An easy way to have the feeling of highlights while keeping everything within the same color range.  It’s having color in the hair that gives the illusion of movement.  Usually a colorist is using up to 3 different colors within the same shade family.  The beauty of this is the color that is darker will give depth to the hair and the lighter color will reflect the light more.  When you curl the hair and take pictures the hair tends to look more three dimensional.  Most dimensional color services cost more than single color services because they take longer to apply and are completely custom.

Color Blocking

By: @kaikosmetics

A 90’s trend that has made its way back to today.  This trend can be applied in a combination of ways.  The client pictured chose a copper color for the front hairline.  Other options can include adding pops of color on each side under the surface of the hair for a peek a boo effect.  This placement would be for a client that doesn’t want the color to show on the surface.  Some clients are also coloring ½ the head one color and ½ the head another color.  This trend is very popular because clients can easily change the color by just coloring the color-blocked area back to the color they have in the other area of the head.

Copper Blonde

Color by: @vanityonedge,
Style by: @meldawgcutz_studyhair

This Dimensional Color can be customized in so many different ways.  In this picture the client chose to keep some of their previous blonde and just use a copper glaze to give a sheer effect.  The rest of the hair was colored with a richer Copper at the top blending into a softer copper at the ends.  This type of color process works for clients that want change, but don’t want a drastic overall look of being darker.  As it fades the depth of color will hold at the top.  Clients like this color to transition from other colors so they can test out how much darkness they want in their hair before committing to a total change.  Many times for their next visit they still like to keep some lightness in the hair.  This technique is great for clients that like to be lighter during the summer and darker during the winter.

Rose Gold

By: @dapperlocks_studyhair

Rose Gold is growing more and more in popularity.  It is suited to a wide range of skin tones and once the desired color is achieved, it can tend to be easier maintenance.  Many clients like it because there is a mix of warm and cool tones.  Rose Gold has a nice look as it is still fading in the hair.  Many times it transitions into a softer version of the original color without unwanted tones.  Rose Gold can be achieved as an overall color as the picture below, or placed strategically using one of the techniques previously mentioned.

Rich Chocolate

By: glambyhann_studyhair

Brunettes have richer tones with more depth to the hair.  Many times clients go darker to achieve fuller looking hair and more shine.  The pictured color has warm tones.  Cool tones are just as popular. Your stylist will customize your formula to tailor the right color for you.  There are so many different options.  Many times it helps to bring a few inspiration pictures to your appointment.

All photos courtesy of @studyhair

Contributing Author:

Martin Gucliotti, Dean of Students
International Institute of Cosmetology (
Martin became a licensed hairstylist when he was 16 years old. He has won 3 National Championships, competed in many International competitions, participated in 3 World Championships, and is a 2nd place World Champion. He has instructed many classes nationally and has taken part in many hair shows nationally and internationally. Martin is an NCA competitor, educator, and designer.

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