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Top 10 Activity Boosters in a Hectic Lifestyle

You can add many obvious and not – so – obvious activities to your day that will help make you more active. Whether you work odd hours, have a basic 9-to-5 schedule, or work out of your house, here are several ideas for integrating activity into your day;

Walk or Bike to Work :


Walk or bike to work or on errands whenever feasible. According to the league of American Bicyclists, cycling to work not only can help your health, it also can save money. After an initial investment of about $750 for a city bike, a helmet, a lock, a rear reflector light, and a front headlight, a bicycle commuter can save up to $3,000 a year in automobile expenses. This includes lower insurance premiums, fewer parking fees, and less money spent or gasoline, repairs, and maintenance. Bike commuting helps the environment, too.

If You Use Public Transportation :


Perhaps you can walk to and from the train, bus, or subway on at least one end of your commute. You might like to rev up with a morning walk, or you might find an afternoon stroll to be relaxing. (If you dress up for walk, all you need to do is wear socks and sneakers to and from work and carry your good shoes.)


If You Must Drive:


Park at the end of the lot farthest from the building and walk to the door. If the weather in nice and you have time, do a lap around the lot or the building before heading inside.

If You Are Slave To Your Desk :


At work, try to devote your lunch hour to some sort of activity; a workout at the gym or at least a walk around the block – or several blocks. If you move briskly, you should be able to cover a mile in about 20 minutes, one you’ve gotten into the walking habit.
Take The Stairs :


Instead of the elevator at your office, in department stores, in hotels, or in your building if you live in a high – rise.



Stand Up While Talking On The Phone :

To give yourself a break from your desk. Standing up helps stretch your muscles and enables you to breathe more deeply. This can help energize you throughout the workday.

If Your Job Keeps You Tied To The Telephone :

Even if your job keeps you tied to the telephone or chained to your computer terminal, the habit of getting up, walking around, and stretching for a few minutes (at least) once an hour does wonders for how you feel and your productively.


Simple Stretches :

Make it a practice to do simple stretches while sitting at your desk, and do so periodically throughout the day. Try reaching your hands over your head to stretch your arms and back, arching and rounding your back to loosen your spine, and rolling your head from side to side to stretch out your neck. If you work in a computer terminal, drop you arms toward the floor, and extend your hands with palms down at right angles to your forearms .



If You Need To Contact A Colleague :

Walk over to talk or drop off a memo whenever you can, instead of relying on the phone, e-mail, or interoffice mail.


Keep A Big Fit Ball Near Your Desk :

Keep a big fit ball near your desk and use it as your chair as much as possible. The ball keeps your posture straight and prevents hunching over.  The amount of activity you slip into your routine might be minimal compared to a construction worker, a waitress, or a retail saleswoman who is moving around all day. Even though these little trips seem like trivialities, they do add up- as long as you don’t make the destination of those office walks the snack bar or the candy machine. Be sure to drink water throughout the day and be mindful of your posture throughout the day.

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