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Top 10 Answers About Your Appearance

Beauty and femininity goes hand in hand. Every woman loves to look beautiful. It is not that only those woman who feel they are ugly want to know how to become beautiful. Even beautiful women wish to become more beautiful. For this, they make a lot of effort to improve their physical appearance. They spend so much of time in selecting the right skin cream, eye makeup, clothing, etc. However, all these beauty products will help to make them beautiful only temporarily. For a permanent effect, you should learn to make yourself beautiful from within.

Check out the most common questions and doubts  women raise regarding their appearance:

My image has been the same for years: If you have looked the same for many years- same hairstyle, same clothes, same look – you aren’t having the fun you could with yourself nor are you exploring all the possibilities for self expression. Who is holding you back? If it is yourself, be brave and take a step into the unknown, If someone else insists on you staying the same, reassure them  that you will still be the same person inside.

My body’s not perfect, but whose is? So what’s perfection? What is considered perfect in one culture, among one age group, during one fashion trend, isn’t the same for all. Perfection has nothing to do with image. The best image is the one that reflects the true you and all your potential.

There’s little you can do to change my body shape: Your basic frame or bone structure, your proportions and your height will stay the same. But through exercise you can build up certain areas and tone down others so as to reduce problem areas. For example, better posture and targeted weight training can enhance the natural shoulder line to help a pear-shaped woman look more balanced. And cosmetic surgery options now make reshaping parts of your body a reality.

It’s not appropriate for women over 50 to wear fashionable clothes: Life and fashion don’t end at a certain age. You can and should have fun by looking part of today, regardless of your birth certificate. As an intelligent woman, you know the difference between how you look and how you wear clothes today, and how you were and what you did when you were younger. So use your own good sense, not some dated notion of what’s acceptable, to guide you.

Wear clothes that flatter your body. Sometimes, the clothes you choose can appear frumpy or sloppy. Buy clothes designed for your body type. If you’re thin and you want to give the illusion of curves, choose a boot cut jean. Furthermore, if you want to hide your stomach, pick stylish, loose-fitting tops.

Looking great requires too much time and money: Can’t get off this easily. I have worked with women who buy their clothes from charity shops and look like they just walked off the pages of vogue magazine. A bit of effort takes time and little money. However, how you carry yourself costs nothing but conveys everything.

I am no beauty, so why bother? Beauty is all relative. So you and I might never be chosen for the catwalk. We should be able to live with that. Just think of how often you have seen a woman at the checkout counter of the supermarket or picking her children up from school who you thought was really beautiful. Indeed, it is all in the eye of the beholder. If there isn’t anyone special ‘beholding’ you at present, treat yourself like a beauty in your own right and soon there will be someone – if not a few.

The motivation to keep in shape and eat well is lacking: If you are determined to look and feel terrific you have all the motivation you need to take exercise, eat well and drink in moderation. If you haven’t succeeded so far, see all the simple tips in this book for getting into shape and eating well.

I can’t remember the last time I received a compliment: Compliments should fly in your direction if not daily, then weekly. By a compliment, I mean anyone who lights up upon seeing you and comments on how well you look. They might not know why you look wonderful but the smile on your face and theirs should be proof that you do.

People who Eat Breakfast are Slimmer: This appears to be true. The US National Weight Control Registry reported that successful long-term weight losers and maintainers shared a number of characteristics including a low-fat diet, regular cereal breakfast consumption and regular exercise. This has been supported by other studies in which eating breakfast, especially a cereal breakfast, is associated with a lower body mass index. The reasons for this are probably to do with how a breakfast meal establishes patterns of eating or overeating for the following meals.

Extra Muscle Can Help You Lose Weight: This is another qualified truth masquerading as an absolute truth. Let’s take a look at this. Muscle uses more resting and exercising energy than fat, so replacing fat with muscle should help you lose weight, right? Not necessarily. Firstly, the difference is not that great because fat also has an energy cost. Reliable estimates are that one extra pound of muscle, about 500 grams, uses less than 10 extra calories per day when it replaces fat. That’s a jellybean or two. Sure, muscle protein turnover and extra oxygen consumption during and after muscle building exercise will add to this energy expenditure.

However, if you are trying to lose fat weight, the best you can probably hope for is to maintain muscle with weight training. Increasing muscle while losing fat is very difficult to do. And resting metabolic rate— the amount of energy you use when sitting on the couch — drops when you lose weight and rises when you put on weight even if it is fat.

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