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Top 10 to Become A Successful Model

Besides possessing the physical ingredients to be a model you also need a personality for it. Professional modeling is a tough business. Only certain women are able to stand up to the hard work schedule and stress that modeling demands.

With an increasing demand of models for different types of modeling-Fashion Modeling, Body Part Modeling, Commercial Modeling, Glamour Modeling etc. Women have a vast arena of profession to choose from…..

Check out these 10 essentials to become a successful model:-

Love for the Job – When you hear, ‘It’s show time’ or ‘Time for magic’ do you come alive? If you love performing and being in front of an audience, whether it’s a room full of people or the eye of the camera, you will enjoy modeling. If it is something you enjoy you are more apt to work hard at it, take greater risk, and work through the hardships that come along. If you love the work, you will love your life. If you hate the work, you’ll be miserable.

Hard Working – Modeling takes a lot of hard work and stamina. A photo shoot can run as long as 16 hours and at all times of the day & night. Just getting a job can have you running all over town. And at the end of the day you still have to do all the stuff needed to keep you in shapeand looking beautiful.

Projection – You need to be able to project your personality (exhibit the positiveessence), your charisma, your charm, and your sex appeal. You need to be able to sell yourself to be able to sell the product. There are no height or size requirements as in fashion modeling. Besides, If you are going to work in front of the camera you need to be photogenic. Its all a matter of, how well a model brings the clothes to life and shows important features of the garments to make it sell.

For a Fashion designer, the “ideal woman.” would be someone who is tall and slender, somewhat leggy, with a swan like neck and very young. Usually the face is oval shape, with symmetry to the facial features. Eyes are almond shape. The cheekbones should be strong and nose straight and proportioned. Lips should be full


Intelligent – To be successful you need to learn a lot to learn about modeling, being an independent business person, about yourself and about surviving in a big world of sharks. If you can’t learn it fast you could get eaten alive.

Extrovert – You will be constantly meeting new people and walking into new situations. You will be performing before strangers every day. You need to like new experiences, challenges, and meeting new people. If you are shy and reserved you will forever be uncomfortable modeling.

Good Self Esteem – Ok, so it doesn’t hurt to be a little bit of an egomaniac. This industry is a real ego bruiser. Good self-esteem can help pick you up and get you through those tough times.

Ambition – For most, careers in modeling won’t come easy. You will have to go through trials and tribulations before you achieve success. The ambition and desire to succeed and achieve your goals in modeling will help you over the temporary set backs that come along.

Self-Starter – As a model you are an independent businessperson in charge of your own career. You must be able to take charge of you. This includes your training, your physical upkeep, your professional practices, your finances, and your life.

In Control – You should to be able to control your health and fitness, your body for posing, your emotions for acting them out, and your life so you show up on time. The key for a fit model is to never gain or loose an inch.

Organized – Keep track of your schedule, your finances, your modeling materials, and your body’s up keep. The physical requirements, age, size, etc. can vary greatly. But most advertisers use the “beautiful people” in their photos rather then real folks off the street. Modeling has certainly opened up the field for women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and we are even seeing more good looking grandmothers in their 50’s showing up.

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