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Top 10 Best Celebrity-Inspired Halloween Costumes 2016

Halloween’s around the corner and you have less than a week to finalize your costume for the day! Women Fitness thought of making it easier for you to decide and hence we have these Top 10 Celebrity-Inspired Halloween Costumes that you can wear!

1. Harley Quinn Costume

Any DC Comics fans out there?! This is gonna be your favourite costume from 2016’s most anticipated movie, The Suicide Squad! Buy at only $37.89.

2. Giant Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Mask 

Whether you’re a Hillary OR a Trump Supporter, these masks are totally in this halloween! Starting at only $6.95!

3. Orange Jail Inmate 

Calling all ladies of Litchfield! If you’re like us, then you’re already counting down the days until next summer for the next season of Orange is the New Black. Why not show your love for Piper and her prison mates and go as an inmate?

4. Heart Eyes Emoji

Love This Emoji? This costume is perfect for those who are constantly texting. It’s an easy slip-on that will leave everyone smiling and its for only $ 5.95. Just jump into your black pants and t-shirt and you’re ready to rock this costume.

5. Frozen Princess Elsa

Shop this beautiful look for only $ 6.49. And all your friends are bound to be jealous as you’ll look the prettiest!

5. Ringmaster Woman

Take control on Halloween, dressing up as the ringmaster just as Miranda Kerr did for us all and look how adorable she looks that we just can’t keep our eyes off her!

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