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Top 10 Body Toners

Your body is designed to keep moving. Stop for long periods and it simply loses its full mobility, potentially most mobility problems endured in old age have their roots in sedentary habits established by the middle years. Experts estimate that keeping fit can extend your life by about two years. Any form of movement from dancing to yoga counts, as healthy exercise so long as you do it regularly.

Remember- Gentle stretching and flexing before and after a workout helps prevent strain and injury to themuscles and joints. Hold each stretch for 15 to 20 seconds. Begin with relaxing your body after a warm-upand then go about stretching the neck, shoulder, arms, and legs.

Waist Toner:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Rest your hands on your hips and keep your back straight and shoulders down. Facing forward, bend your torso to the right, until you feel the stretch in your left side. Begin with a round of 15 building up to 25 bends on each side.

Flatten Your Stomach :

Lie on your back, knees bent, feel flat on the floor hip width apart. Supporting but not pulling your head with your hands curl your upper body forward off the ground. At the same time, breathe out and pull in with your stomach muscles. Slowly lower your back to the floor, breathing in. Repeat – 10 building to 20 times.

Flatten Your Stomach :

Lie on your back arms at your sides. Bend your knees and raise your legs in the air, crossing your ankles. Breathe out, and pull your stomach muscles in, as you roll your hips up toward your ribs in a tiny controlled movement. Hold and breathe in. Then breathe out as you roll your hips back down. Always keep your back pressed to the floor. Repeat – 10 to 20 times.

A Tight Stomach :

On all fours knees, below your hips and your elbows, below your shoulders with your forearms for balance. Straighten your right leg out, behind you and lift it to hip level. Slowly lower. Keep your stomach muscles pulled in throughout this exercise. Repeat – 15 building to 25 times each leg.

Shape Up Hips and Legs:

Stride forward with your right leg. Keeping your back straight and hips forward bend both keens until the left almost touches the floor behind you and the right leg is at right angles. Feel the stretch. Repeat – 10 to 15 times each leg.

Firm Front of Things :

Holding a chair for support, stand straight and turn your legs out slightly from the hips, so your knees face outward. Raise the right leg as high as you can in front of you aiming for waist level. Lower slowly. Repeat – 15 to 20 times each leg.

Firm Inner Things :

Lie on your back, legs bent. Raise your knees, directly above your hips and lift your lower legs so that they are parallel to the ground . Press your back into the floor. Part your legs, as far as you can to the sides then squeeze them back together. Rest your arms out at your sides for balance or place your hands on your inner thighs for resistance. Repeat- 15 to 20 times.

 Tone Front of Arms and Side of Back:

Sit on a stool, and place the dumbbell weighing – 1/2 kg to 2 1/4 kg – on the floor next to your right foot. Rest your left forearms over your thighs for support. Lean forward flattering your back. Pick up the weight with your right hand and draw it up to your armpit. Lead with your elbow and keep your arm close to your side. Slowly lower, without letting the weight touch the floor. Repeat – two to three sets of eight repetitions both arms.

Tone Backs for Arms :

 Sit knees hip width apart . Hold a weight in your right hand and raise straightening your arms . Place your left hand below your right elbow and lower the weight behind you until your elbow points upward . Perform, two to three sets of, eight rep.

 Shape Your Shoulders :

Stand with feet hip width apart toes forward. Holding a weight 1/2 kg ( 1lb) to 1 1/2 kg (3 lb) in each hand start with hands and keeping palms facing down raise arms out at the sides to shoulders levels. Hold for a count of five then lower slowly. Repeat – three sets of eight repetitions. Rest between each set.

Toning exercises are an important part of all-round fitness, specially if you wish to look young. As youage, your muscles loose strength. The skin sags, becomes droopy and there is general dullness.

The equation is simple; regular toning exercises = strong muscle.

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