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Top 10 Favourite Celebrity Hairstyles

Check out this Season’s Top 10 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles that will surely change your look and style!

1. Stella Carlin from Orange Is The New Black


To achieve Stella AKA Ruby Rose’s haircut you will need to cut the sides of your hair short around low-medium length and cut the top at an angle so one side is longer than the other when you side slick it back. All you have to do next is Blow dry your hair and brush it back to get it into the desired shape. Finish the look with a hairstyling wax to get it just the way you want!

2. Julie Chen from Big Brother

The CBS Show Big Brother’s Host Julie Chen looks super-cute in the evergreen medium-length curls. You can easy get them to get a break from the usual straight hair. Just dry your hair using a blow dryer. Take a small barrel curling iron and wind horizontal sections of hair – for a soft, romantic look. Spray hair all over with a flexible styling spray. Rock your curly look!

3. Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little liars keeps things fun, new, and fresh, so we’re always seeing new hairstyles on the show. Ashley’s natural waves, look super-cool in this shorter version of shoulder-length hair. Its chic and fun and gives the face a more edgy look.

4. JoJo Fletcher from The Bachelorette

JoJo has been giving us major hair goals. Her long beach waves just go with anything and everything. Here’s how you can sport her look. If you have darker hair, you can begin with getting some lighter shade highlights done on the ends or somewhat midway through your length. Then just get your curling wand out and there you go! Just make sure you curl them away from your face for the exact loose curls hair-do.

5. Daenerys from Game of Thrones

It has taken twisted hair and braids to an all-together new level! Daenerys’s tight braids look tough and feminine when paired with loose waves. Its an excellent combination that’ll look great when teamed up with floor-length maxi dresses or gowns.

6. Claire Underwood from House of Cards

Claire Underwood’s impeccably chic asymmetrical pixie hairdo is sure to make some heads turn! The sides are basically chopped off it which allows the top part to lay nicely since there is less bulk. The short cut shows strength which is balanced well by its asymmetry and flirtiness in the bang area.

7. Thea Queen from Arrow

The soft hair look, as shown by Willa Holland (above and to the side), is created by layering three different hair products such as leave-in conditioner, gel and mousse or styling cream. Start with a basic bob carefully sculpted with exterior layers to honor your hair’s natural bend, flow and texture. After the styling cocktail is applied and distributed completely through the hair, create the desired soft hair shape working the hair with the proper brush and hot iron.

8. Taissa Farmiga from American Horror Story

Taissa has these ultra-trendy long hair that look wonderful. The light color of her hair complement well her skin tone and the are very manageable and easy to carry.

9. Devon Finestra from Vinyl

Devon’s character looks the ethereal 70’s beauty as Olivia Wilde has carried off the beautiful lady with the amazing 90’s hairstyle. Her hair are bouncy and lively and can cheer up any look.

10. Christine Reade from The Girlfriend Experience

The last one on our list is from The Girlfriend Experience, where Christine Reade played by Riley Keough has donned beautiful medium wavy hair look. These are the classy wavy hair done to a side which looks totally glamorous and we absolutely love the color too!

So these were the Top 10 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles that you may go for this season!


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