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Top 10 Hairstyle Options For Christmas Party

Christmas Party HAIRSTYLE

Top 10 Hairstyle Options for Christmas Party

A gorgeous hairstyle needn’t mean hours of effort, these semi-simple styles have all the wow factor without the fuss. Short or long, thick or fine, these looks will provide inspiration for your festivities.

Braids are here to stay, and everyone should try them once! Here’s a fun but sophisticated style for parties. To make a braid, part hair in the centre, then start on one side by braiding hair from the front, right around to the back. Using a few small pins, secure the braid as you work around the head to the nape of the neck. It’s a good idea to get the two braids to meet in the middle at the nape and join them together with more pins and grips.

Soft Waves: Use a wide barrel curling wand. Hold sections of the hair around the wand for five seconds, releasing and spritzing with hairspray once cool. If you have long hair you can make an effort with a low side parting and sweep your hair (tonged in large sections, all in the same direction) over one shoulder.

Half-Up Hairstyle: Simple to create, just pull the top sections around to the crown, securing with bobby pins or a small bulldog clip around the back of the head. Tease the top up and out, leaving some of the front section of the haIr loose, to soften your face.

French Twist with this fresh take on the classic hairstyle. Divide the hair into two sections, keeping the top section brushed back towards the crown. Twist the two sides up and bring together into a bun at the top of the head. Secure with bobby pins and a good dose of hairspray.

Clean Cut Bob: An icy blonde hue will also help to add radiance to brown eyes and an English Rose complexion. If you have straight hair you can go for a simple blunt bob that hits directly below the chin.

Messy up-do: This is so easy to create – it can be done in minutes – but looks fabulous for any occasion. Run a little Sculpting Foam through wet hair and leave to dry naturally. Then, create soft curls with tongs, loosening them as you go to avoid ringlets and simply gather your hair to one side and pin roughly.

Fishtail Halo Braid. This half up version is especially lovely because fishtail braids are so on trend right now. It is the same technique as the half up style above and feels fancy with a few curls thrown in. Pick up a 1″ section of hair on the heavy side of the part and divide it into two halves. Take a small section from the right side, cross it underneath and add it to the left side. Cross a small section from the left underneath to the right. Pick up a section of hair, add it to a small section from the right side and cross both underneath to the left side. Repeat the previous step with hair on the left side. Continue braiding the hair along the hairline and towards the left side. Trail the braid along the center of the back of the head, pulling in hair on both sides. When the braid reaches the opposite ear, continue braiding up the hairline and finish in a regular braid. Tie off the end of the braid and lay it behind where the braid began. Pin down the end of the braid with hair pins and anywhere else it feels loose.You can easily cheat this look by buying a braided hairband in the same hue as your hair. Get it right and no one will know.

High Textured Ponytail: Ponytails are one of the few hairstyles that are appropriate for every occasion, even during the holiday season. This ponytail is pretty and party-ready, thanks to the mass of voluminous blonde waves held in place with the braided base. The placement of a ponytail high on the head,  allows the long, touchable curls to cascade over the shoulders, framing and softening the face.

Spiky Pixie: Sometimes Christmas hairstyles are decidedly easier to achieve when time is limited. Spiky pixie style is great for round faces and for women who want a different look for the holiday season. To dress this style up a bit, you could also wear a fun hair accessory – a headband or even a necklace!


Sculpted Side Chignon: Some hairstyles are simply too pretty and perfect to be real. This gorgeous loose updo is sure to turn the head of everyone you are passing by. Being expertly sculpted and styled to perfection, the side ‘do also bears a distinct retro feel. Addition of an embellished hair comb will add to the beautiful final touch.

Go and get glamorous this Christmas.

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