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Top 10 Ways Of Dealing With Stress

The word Stress is used to describe both external events that make demand on us and the internal responses they trigger. In fact, stress is the body’s general response to any demand made on it, regardless of whether that demand is pleasant or unpleasant, or whether it is emotional or physical.

Relaxation helps reduce stress by distracting your mind from stress provoking thoughts. Besides various relaxation techniques help to counter effects of ‘fight or flight’ reaction.

Check out these ten simple and effective ways of handling stress:


Where you feel you can, discuss your problems with your partner or close friend in order to see the situation more objectively.


Make sure you do something you really enjoy at least once a day.


Laughter is a fabulous healer and encourages social bonding. The act of laughing also increases the oxygen supply to the lungs, stimulates the production of endorphins and can produce a feeling of euphoria. Occasionally it may also open the gates to tears-another positive release.


Burn off the energy that stress generates before it burns you up. A study at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, shows that 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate to about 120 beats per minute at least three times a week can lower depression and anxiety within 12 weeks. Performing some stretching exercises or regular exercise pattern can help you combat stress. Check out stretching exercises at WF Flexibility exercises for reliving stress.


Make space for yourself and get some respect. State your options clearly and calmly. Don’t wait to be asked, then feel angry and overlooked if you’re not.


Women often feel stressed, frustrated and depressed when family or business management pushes creativity out of the picture. Taking up a stimulating new interest helps you to keep an open and progressive mind.


Accept your personality, don’t try to alter it. Instead, learn to manage your strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, stop chastising yourself for past mistakes. Learn from them – then let them go.


Organize your life better by tackling important issues early to get them off your mind, and don’t take on too much.


Approval-seeking and self-doubt both erode self-esteem. Tell yourself you can do things not merely to stay popular but because you genuinely enjoy them.


When you’re stressed, give yourself physical and emotional support. Treat yourself to your favorite foods. Pamper yourself in an aromatherapy bath or book in for a relaxing massage. Make sure that you regularly do things just for fun. It might be as simple as taking a walk in a park, going to movies, or even doing something you would normally Consider as childish, such as jumping into a pile of fallen leaves or splashing in puddles.

If you regard happiness as coming from outside, you will waste a lot of time chasing it, because all the evidence suggest that happiness comes from within yourself. The same lies true with all other aspects of your life physical, mental, social and emotional life.

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