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Top 10 Hottest Female Fitness Trainers 2016

Fitness comes from within, but it is always motivating and inspiring to have someone to motivate you to live a healthier and fitter life. Women Fitness brings to you the Top 10 Fittest & Hottest Fitness Trainers 2016 who are truly changing the way we look at Fitness! We have interviewed all of these Exceptionally Talented & Successful Fitness Trainers, thereby bringing to you a glimpse of their diet and workout routine, exclusively from these fitness stars themselves.

1. Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk is a Former Pole Vaulter who was inspired to take up Fitness and Yoga to lead a healthy lifestyle. From here began her journey into the world of professional fitness and exercise which made her achieve over a 500,000 followers on Instagram and other platforms.

Workout: My exercise routine changes all the time. I travel a lot and have a very busy schedule so it is all about making my exercise fit into my daily life. I am also a big fan of variety in my exercise because I get bored easily!

From Monday to Friday I train twice a day but only for 20 minutes at a time (morning and afternoon). I usually do a 20 min HIIT circuit in the morning using body weight exercises and then a 20 min sprint session or running in the afternoon. I love fast paced, explosive workouts that you can do anywhere (like at a park or even a hotel room) so most of my workouts don’t use equipment. Each evening I also stretch and practice yoga at home for 30 min-1 hour before I go to bed.

On Saturdays, I try to do something different, like surfing, gymnastics, bike riding, tennis, hiking, a walk with my friend, or a fitness class then on Sunday I have recovery day where I only do gentle yoga and stretching.

I created a fitness program called Fresh Body Fit Mind, which is an exact replica of my training schedule. It is based on short but incredibly effective 20 minute workouts that are really great to fit into a busy lifestyle. FBFM includes hundreds of exercises I use from day to day and a training schedule that is focused around variety and sustainable workouts.

Diet: My Day On A Plate:

2 poached eggs on 2 slices of good quality toast with half an avocado.
Long black coffee with a dash of soy milk.


Chia pudding (made by adding 3 tablespoons of chia to 1 cup of soy milk overnight)
Topped with granola, bran, nuts, and seeds
Fruit Salad


Mexican Lettuce burritos:
Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne: Kidney beans, chick peas, broccoli, carrot, mushroom, capsicum, tomato, onion, spinach, zucchini, all diced and cooked in a pan with Mexican spices.
Homemade guacamole (avocado, squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper)
Salsa (tomato, cucumber, onion finely diced)
Greek Yoghurt
Use a lettuce leaf instead of a burrito tortilla and stuff it full of the above ingredients!


2 or 3 squares of dark chocolate

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2. Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee is today Rated World Number One Fitness Expert. She is a leading fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, author, fitness entrepreneur and the list is endless. Her motivational weight loss success story has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The CBS Early Morning Show, Fox & Friends, Inside Edition, & The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, thus inspiring millions.

Workout: I believe in my JNL fusion workout method I created. It is six circuits based off of strength and use with cardio burst that super spike your metabolism. Your breaking through the plateau, it is also an inclusive work out which an intermediate or advanced can also do, so that is the routine that I do and you guys can find out more information at

Diet: What I do is, I have a food plan, I plan my food. I plan my food to where I eat breakfast like a queen. It’s my biggest meal of the day. I eat lunch like a princess. It’s my medium size meal of the day and then dinner. The dinner is like a pauper or peasant. It is my smallest meal of the day. So I’m working with my metabolism. I also only do a lean source of protein. Whether it’s a egg or lean chicken or lean turkey, or poultry or even lean red meat and then our supplement, that with the night whole-grain bread, brown rice or quinoa, barley or in a whole-wheat bread, and now have a fibrous carb which is a vegetable.

It is pretty much what I eat and I really also have a lot of great recipes in my cookbook called the Fun Fit Foodie cookbook. It’s really great because you’re getting gourmet healthy foods and recipes that are easy to make but you’re getting a lot of the savoury, exotic spices that aren’t high in calories or high in carb, or high in sugar, here you are getting that gourmet exotic really good recipes. Without having it being bland and boring like boiled chicken and beans, asparagus, and you’re able to really enjoy eating again. It also awakens your inner self. I urge everyone to go and cook because you know what you’re eating and what you are preparing and making it is a lot of fun. I do my multivitamin I get my multivitamin at JNL, vitamins are essential to your health.

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3. Holly Rilinger

Holly Rilinger is a fitness expert who is changing the game, delivering expertise and tough workouts, wrapped up in motivational shout outs and impromptu dance parties. Coach, trainer, and 10-year veteran of the fitness world, Holly Rilinger delivers doses of inspiration bundled up in high-intensity sweat sessions. A Nike Master Trainer, Flywheel Sports Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Group X Instructor with numerous certifications, Rilinger channels the same drive and discipline it took for her to make it as a professional basketball player internationally, into every one of her clients.

Workout: I spin 11 hours per week because I’m a spin instructor. I also follow a weight training program 3-4 times per week. In the summer you can also find me surfing as much as possible. You can find my program BeachFIT on my website. It’s a 90 day program designed to get you a beach body!!!

Diet: I eat organic all natural foods 90% of the time. I eat well sourced meats, and organic vegetable. I try to stay away from processed foods, sugar, starches and most dairy and grains. Don’t get me wrong. I am all about balance, I love my tequila and chocolate as well. My favorite cheat meal is pizza and spaghetti.

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4. Chelsey Korus

AcroYoga Supertar Chelsey Korus is truly an inspiration for all the Yoga beginners and for those who are trying to connect with their innerselves. Chelsey Korus’ teaching and movement philosophy comes from her passion for life and her inspiring nature that allows her students to live their best life. Her powerful yet down-to-earth approachability is a compelling combination that has landed her on Live! with Kelly and Michael and PopSugar as well as Fitness, Shape, and Women’s Health Magazines. Having traveled the world as an AcroYoga performer, Chelsey is looking forward to the blend of movement, culture, and spiritual studies that have yet to unfold. “Practice and all is coming.” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Workout: Acroyoga is the practice of trust and connection. The work done on my yoga mat in my personal practice which prepares me for my work in the world. It brings me deeper into a sacred space of solitude, while lifting my eyes up and out towards a universe that I feel very connected to. When working in a partnership–your eyes are met by ONE person and that person will serve as your mirror. A mirror to your potential, your power and your strength. As well as a mirror to your communication skills, your ability to listen, and your patterns.. Meaning– the stuff we are working through on our mats, gets amplified in partner work, and it does not come in short poetic dharma talks. It comes in the form of a living human being, offering their hands and feet to support you and you’ve just gotta TRUST and GO! One learns quickly that pointing fingers won’t get you anywhere.

Diet: I eat clean and local foods with an emphasis on as little “packaged foods” as possible. I take great pride in looking a farmer in the eye and paying them directly for their hard work. Truly, nothing gives me more pleasure and nothing comes close to the taste of a freshly picked cherry tomato in the summer or a raspberry straight from the source. I am a traveling yogi and acrobat, so most of my life is on the road and I supplement with granola bars and fruit in areas where I cannot find an organic grocer. I do not adhere to a single diet or regime, but work on staying balanced. Ginger is by far my secret weapon to ward off illness while on the road. It is the real deal and my body can handle A LOT of it.

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5. Cindy Landolt

WW Magazine Who is Who 2014 has chosen Cindy Landolt to be one of the most influential person in Zurich. Cindy Landolt is the most famous bodybuilder of Switzerland.

Workout: Monday sees me training my upper body vertical pressing structure. Notice that I don’t specifically break down my workouts into details about different triceps heads or delts, just work on the exercises that increase the strength in the overhead press.

For me that involves seated dumbbell presses 2-3 sets in a rep range of 8-5 reps descending using the maximum weight that I can safely control through a full range of motion, followed by a type of standing side lateral raise, but here I use cables so that the resistance remains the same throughout the entire range of motion, just 1 set here, that’s enough to stimulate development if the weight and form are perfect.

From there I move to a triceps dip machine that isolates my triceps in a pressing motion, allowing me to use my maximum force and developing strength in my arms, the aim is to remove shoulder and chest involvement ensuring that my upper arm pressing muscles are receiving all of the load. I then finish the session, with 3 sets of weighted abdominal crunches in an old Nautilus abs machine.

I train my back and posterior chain basically from the balls of my feet to the back of my neck. I start with some hyperextensions to warm up my spinal erectors, this is very important as injury prevention is key when lifting heavy weights, followed by my first weighted exercise, 2 sets of 13-8 in the seated cable row with a narrow vertical grip, I perform these through a full range of motion, always at the same speed, no jerking or explosive movements, a smooth and steady cadence, keeping the involved muscles under tension for the duration of the rep and set is key here.

Next I switch the close grip handles for a wide overhand grip and complete the same sets and reps but with a lighter weight. From there I perform strict overhand chin ups, these are a great exercise for your back and arms, as well as your abdominal structure, 2 sets without weight to failure. Next I move to the deadlift platform, and do 2 sets of heavy stiff legged dead lift, again perfect form is paramount, I want to feel the weight distributed evenly throughout my body, an evenly spread load from my feet to my neck and down through my arms.

This exercise when performed properly is exceptionally demanding but it provides an enormous return for the trainee, these alongside the Squat are real body changing exercises.

When I have completed them I move over to the dumbbell rack and perform 2 sets of shrugs.

Thursday is chest, arm flexion and abdominals. First exercise is the flat bench press, I perform 2-3 sets in the 8-5 rep range again always with a weight that is the maximum that can be handled safely in perfect form, after that I move to the dip bars and again perform 2-3 sets, but my reps are normally higher around 13-8. Moving to arm flexion, (many people just say biceps, but that isn’t the entire area that I train) I use an old nautilus curl machine for 2 sets in the 8-5 rep range and follow it with 2 sets of thumbs up rope curls on the cable machine. It may not seem a lot compared to the masses who train 10 sets of 10 to build their arms, but my experience with my own arms and those of my trainees has shown me that hitting them hard and briefly for 4-5 sets under maximum load is enough!

After that I repeat the abdominal training from Monday.

Friday is legs day. I start with the king of all leg development exercises, the deep squat. Proper instruction here is essential not just for safety but also for maximizing results!

I see many trainees in gyms around the World performing the squat with sloppy form and shallow reps, worse still, using a weight that they can’t properly control! Ego has no place in proper training and when you are stuck under a 150kg bar in the squat rack you will quickly discover the need to become more humble in the next set, best case? You look foolish, worst case? You suffer an injury that can limit yourself for life!

So seek proper instruction, and train yourself to being able to handle some large weight in the lift whilst ALWAYS squatting low enough so that you femur goes below horizontal. I perform 2 sets with the same weight for 21 then 13 reps.

This is the very cornerstone of my leg development, if not my entire body development. After I have shuffled away from the squat rack I perform 2 sets of leg extensions (no jerking or ‘kicking out’ at the top, mind those knees, you need them) followed by 2 sets of lying leg curls, rep range for both is 13-8 again. After that I move to the calf raise machine and perform 2 sets of 21-13 reps.

That’s it! 8 sets total, but if you can even consider carrying on, then you weren’t trying hard enough in the Squat, that first exercise when performed correctly is an entire session in itself!

Diet: I’m very reactive when it comes to diet, meaning that I like to experiment with different foods and nutritional supplements to really find out what does and doesn’t work for me, I think this is extremely important and something that I work closely with my clients to achieve.

When I discuss a diet plan with them, I first need to know what they like to eat, they often react asking “well what should I eat?” this is the wrong approach altogether, I could write a calorie perfect diet with the absolute optimized ratio of carbohydrate, protein and fat balance, along with optimized meal timing and spacing relative to my prescribed workout routine, but do you know how many people would truly be able to integrate that to their lifestyle and then maintain it?… VERY few, so it’s important to create a diet plan that works WITH my trainees and doesn’t become a chore. Now that’s not to say that they can eat everything that they want, there are some foodstuffs and choices that are just NOT in line with the type of training results that they want to achieve.

I personally, ensure that I eat 5-6 meals spaced evenly throughout the day and biased so that the majority of my carbohydrates are consumed early in the day, total calorie intake is relative to the amount of energy I need to complete that days tasks, so I will eat more if I need to and less if I have an easier day, this is important, as many people eat the same amount regardless of the amount of energy it will take them to get through their day.

Remember that it’s all just energy, so if you are looking to lose weight then you need to ensure that you have a slight caloric deficit throughout your day and you need to go to sleep with only protein in your system, don’t carry carbs to bed with you, this is really counter productive. I’m also a fan of keeping your metabolic rate high throughout the day with the use of thermogenic fat burners and CLA, as well as supplementing my protein intake with shakes to ensure my muscles repair sufficiently. When used with a caloric deficit in your diet and some specific fat loss cardio the results from these supplements are astounding!

Conversely if your diet is intended to build muscle then, you need to have a caloric excess throughout your day to ensure you have sufficient surplus calories to build muscle, bare in mind that these calories should be heavily biased towards protein, you need to ensure that the weight gained is actually muscle! So eat just enough carbohydrates to fuel your workouts and complete your day, but eat an excess of protein through shakes to grow new muscle tissue. From there it’s just a function of time and discipline.

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6. Niki K

Niki has a background as a runner, having run cross country and middle distance track from middle school through college where she competed at the Division 1 level. She now does more of HIIT interval training, yoga and mainly her Get Fit Guide! The Get Fit Guide helps to create a healthy, fitness oriented lifestyle to achieve your goals. She is an ACE Certified personal trainer as well as Holistic Nutrition Coach. She has a degree in theater and a minor in art history.

Workout: The Get Fit Guide is based on the way that I train! It’s a combination of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises that I’ve found to be the most effective for myself and when incorporating this type of training with my clients! It’s time effective and uses minimal equipment so if you have some dumbbells, a chair and 30 minutes you can get a killer workout in! It’s mainly my guide that I described above! It has lower body, upper body and total body days along with core work and some cardio thrown in! I do this and then of course any YouTube workouts I film!

Diet: I take vitamins and a greens powder supplement but other than that I just do my best to stick with real whole food as often as possible. So things like lean meat, fish, veggies, lots of fruit, nuts/seeds and some whole grains! I’m also big on balance and living a life that makes you happy so if I’m feeling Oreos or ice cream I’ll have that too! Just not consistently!

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7. Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a single mom, she works full time, she is about 41 years of age , She has an auto immune disease called CELIAC. She has been through hardships and has courageously dealt with adversity and has overcome and accomplished all her goals through self accountability.

Workout: My workouts are short, intense and sweaty! I get in there and I WORK. Head phones on, hat covering my eyes- intense. I move quickly and do a bunch of intervals. I love jump roping between sets, sprints, box jumps, anything to keep my heart rate up! Other than two dedicated “leg days” I usually work all upper body together circuiting it and putting some cardio intervals in between sets.

Diet: I eat a natural, unprocessed food diet. If it grew I eat it! Basically I look for foods in its most natural state and I make sure I eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables. Although I do not eat vegetarian, I do eat heavily plant based. I DO avoid gluten (which is the protein found in wheat rye and barley) not only because I am a celiac, but because when eating unprocessed natural foods, those are naturally gluten free anyway.

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8. Danni Levy

Danni Levy is one of Britain’s most celebrated media health figures. She has trained as a performer from Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts London and has appeared on the reality TV series ‘Life on Marbs’, ITVBe. As the author of The Pyramid Diet (Penguin Publishing 2012), Danni’s works have been reproduced in Italian, German and Arabic. Danni currently writes for The Sun newspaper and has earned numerous high profile features.

Workout: I train a split routine and also do fasted hill runs everyday- even Christmas day. I’m really lucky because I live right by the beach, so I always start my morning with a 5k jog topped off with a mammoth hill sprint before breakfast. My gym routine consists of a LOT of glutes and leg work. I rarely train upper body because I’m naturally very muscular and try to stay looking slightly soft up top.

Diet: It normally surprises people to hear I don’t take any vitamins or supplements. I firmly believe if you eat correctly and you don’t suffer from a deficient, you should derive all the vitamins and nutrients you need from a balanced diet that compliments your training. I try to eat protein with every meal, consuming 5-6 small meals a day, but don’t deprive myself of the odd treat if I fancy one. Life is too short to be neurotic, but too long to live on junk food!

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9. Simone De La Rue

A classically trained dancer, Simone De La Rue has committed her entire life to nurturing her body. After a dance career spanning two decades including successful performances on Broadway, West End in her native Australia.

Workout: I make it a point to workout alongside all my clients to not only motivate and keep them accountable but also keep myself in shape. This can be anywhere between 2-5 clients a day, so I do not have the time or energy to do any workout for me specifically.

Diet: I follow the paleo way of eating. I eat organic food where I can and have cut dairy and gluten out of my diet. I also try limiting my sugar and alcohol intake.

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10. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is one of the world’s top CrossFit athletes. She’s been to the CrossFit Games four times and will compete again this summer in the 2014 CrossFit Games. Fittest Woman on Earth and Winner of CrossFit Games 2014 lives by her Success Mantra “Laser Focus on Your Goal”.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, the 25-year-old student from Richelieu, Que., now proudly wears the title of the World’s Fittest Woman after winning the Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, Calif. She beat out two-time champion Annie Thorisdottir of Iceland to become the first Canadian woman to claim the title as fittest female on the planet in the competition’s eight years of existence. In fact, based on her performance at the recent competition, Leblanc-Bazinet might even qualify as the fittest person in Canada.

Workout: I think that everyone should squat and squat a lot!

Diet: I follow the diet call zone and I eat very clean… meat vegetable some fruits nuts and seed… I also take xendurance, amino-x and synth-6.

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