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Top 10 Glamour Body Solution for This Holiday Season

Glamour Body Solution

A sexy body, is no longer about pneumatic breasts or endless legs. Modern sexiness is more about how you feel inside your body rather than how you look on the outside. How you carry yourself and relate to your body, are most important than sharing vital body statistics. As Donna Karan says “You can have the worst body if you feel it. Likewise you can have the best body and not be sexy at all. It’s all in the attitude.”

Of course shape does come into, but there’s no such thing as the perfect sexy body blueprint. And single body part symbolizes sexiness. For some legs are the focus of attention for others, it is the decolette. But one thing is certain sexiness equals womanliness. Yes it’s gorgeous to have nice curves to have flesh to have a rounded tummy.


These 10 solutions will help you make a visible difference, without having to make one drastic measure.

Shoot for a positive presence:

It’s hard to feel sexy with a hunch, so stand and move in a sexier way, and you will be sexier. For a sexier posture when standing, sitting, or walking, don’t tilt your pelvis or stick out your chest it creates unnatural body curves. Try to lengthen your spine and hold your ribs high away from your pelvis.  A Good posture can even improve your body- wobbly bits will firm up when your body’s correctly aligned.

Maintain a confident and upright stance:

When you’re standing up imagine your feet pushing into the floor, your head pushing upwards and air pockets between each vertebra, so you lift them rather than compress them.


Watch your body Posture:

To counteract those rounded shoulders, lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent and feet together. Draw your knees up, to your chest with your spine on the floor. Take your arms down to your sides with palms facing up and imagine that your shoulder blades are being drawn down towards your waist. Hold for a few minutes. Now, stand up with your palms against your body and use the same muscles to align your shoulders.



You can improve your sex appeal by learning to walk more provocatively. So think Marilyn when you walk- she used to chop half an inch off one head (of the heel) to exa-gerate her wiggle.






Supermodel Sashay:
Instead of running your designer shoes, try and shorten your stride or imagine you are walking along a chalk line. Heels, are an instant calf enhancer and help to extend the line of the leg. But heels will only make you look totally sexy if you can walk properly in them, a wobble free walk, starts with finding the right height for you- usually no more than 3 inches.


Target -Thighs:

Exercise is the key to firmer sleeker thighs. For beautifully sculpted and sexy inner thighs, try and re-adjust the way you stand. Keep your legs close together with your ankle bones, knees and inner thighs touching one another. This way you’ll constantly work the inner thighs. Good news, for those who hate tedious squats. Target slack hips and thighs with specific body conditioning moves like this thigh-swing.

  1. Kneel on a mat, facing a wall. Keeping your back straight and your arms bent at shoulder level press your palms against the wall.
  2. Raise your right leg, out to your side to hip level.
  3. Bring your leg round behind you, then return to the starting position.
  4. Repeat 20 times on each leg.


Iron out, cellulite:

Sadly exercise doesn’t shift cellulite. Experts say the orange-peel appearance of cellulite is caused by holes in the dermis, a sign of age and free- radical attacks. Where there’s a hole you get a dip and where it’s normal you get a bulge. You can iron out cellulite by re-building the skin and strengthening the dermis.



Taking the stairs instead of the lift does more than burn off a few calories. You can tailor the way you climb stairs, to tone different part of the body. If you place your weight on your heels and lean forward slightly, this will help firm your buttocks. Or if your want to tone your thighs and calves, place only the ball of your foot onto the step and keep your back straight.



All for a firm Tummy:
If your abdominal muscles need a little toning take a this tip. It may sound obvious, but always, always hold your stomach in. This not only makes your tummy look firmer you’ll also work your abdominals constantly so that your tummy really feels firmer.


A Flat Tummy:

Do you always complain of a bloated stomach? could be a result of, eating food in the wrong order. If you eat an apple after a sandwich, for example, the bread will take a fair while to digest, leaving the apple in your stomach a little longer where it gives off gases. Eat lots of fruits, but only before or between meals.



Bottom Lift:
There’s one easier bottom toning solution, than killing yourself with a buns of steel workout. Whether you are sitting, standing or even lying in the bath-Just 100 clenches a day will help lift your bottom.



Healthy skin:

Silky smooth skin is your first layer of sexiness, and there’s nothing more sensual than something cream all over the body.


  • Accept and appreciate your body – Start by, looking in the mirror and work out your body’s
    pluses and minuses. If you’ve got 40 – inch hips ,because your pelvis is built that way you could kill yourself working off body fat, but never be snake-hipped . What you can do however is change your proportions.
  • Sculpt your body to balance your figure – If you’re pear- shaped, weight- train to build up your shoulders and back. If you’ve got no waist, you create one by working on your shoulders and bottom, if you have big thighs shape up your claves. Body sculpting takes time but it’s worth it. Work on low weight with high repetitions about two- to -three times a week. After six weeks you will look and feel sexier.
  • Eat Healthy
     Eating for a sharply sex body is all about getting the right balance of carbohydratesprotein and fat. The fats you eat should be mono- unsaturated such as virgin olive oil, canola oil, avocados and macademia nuts. Your carbohydrates should consist mainly of vegetable and fruits rather than loading up on pasta pies potatoes and cereals your protein should be mostly lean chicken turkey fish and eggs whites. Try to avoid fatty meat sausages and cheese.
  • Hold a positive vision – A common tool used in positive visualization is to programme yourself, to be the person you’d like to be. The more you practice, the more you’ll become her. Stand in front of a mirror she says clothed or naked and really admire yourself. Then lie down in a quiet place your eyes and visualizes your body. Tell yourself you’re strong confident sexy.
  • Get hold of your hormones – Aerobic exercises such as cyclingwalking or running helps regulate our hormonal systems. It increase production of sex – hormones and feel-good hormones which make you look – and feel – sexier.
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