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10 Homemade Edible Gifts For Christmas

Homemade Edible Gifts For Christmas

Who would mind a bag full of lip-smacking goodies on Christmas?

So this time, Women Fitness decided to bring to you a fantastic and definitely delicious list of homemade edible gifts that you can gift to your friends and loved ones on Christmas!

1. Snowflake Mix

This one is colorful and totally joyous! Salty meets sweet as cereal, pretzels and peanuts get a coating of melted white baking pieces. Package this gift from the kitchen in boxes that resemble takeout containers in shades of reds, white and everything nice. Recipe here.

2. Chocolate-Nut Cookies in a Jar

This jar has layers of flour, brown sugar, coconut, chocolate pieces and peanuts appeal to the baker who receives this gift in a jar. Include a cookie scoop for an added touch. Check out here.

3. Snowman Spoons

Package these adorable, frosty spoons with a pack of cocoa (and marshmallows!) for the ultimate winter treat and the kids will totally love it! Recipe here.

4. Shortbread Cookies

Display them in a checkerboard box, dressed with chopped nuts, citrus zest and fruity glazes, and it will surely bring a smile on your friend’s face. Find recipe here.

5. Mouse King Fudge

Your friends and family will love this Nutcracker-inspired white chocolate fudge as they will make everyone just go Awwww.. Full recipe here.

6. Chocolate Bark Candy

Short on time? Make chocolate bark for gifts—or for your family. After melting and spreading the chocolate, it’s just top, top and away! Find recipe here.

7. Peppermint Kiss Oreo

Just when you think these creamy Oreo truffles can’t get any better, they do. This one’s a favorite on our list! You’ll know why once you try out one! Recipe here.

8. Winter Orange Pomegranate Iced Tea

Make a gift-giving splash with this quick and easy tea, which takes just 10 minutes to prepare. Tie a ribbon around a keepsake bottle with the recipe attached for your guests.

9. Puff Pastry Cheese Straws

In case you do not want to make something too sweet, you can try out these Puff pastries. Tip: You can prep and freeze these unbaked straws up to one month ahead and bake them fresh just before gifting. Recipe here.

10. Candied Popcorn Stars

We are completely loving these popcorn stars that make for charming edible ornaments-that is, if they ever make it to the tree. Find recipe here.

We hope you like these edible Christmas gifts and gift them to your loved ones This Christmas season!
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