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Top 10 Most Stunning Cheerleaders of Super Bowl XLVII


Women Fitness has selected the most stunning and fit Cheerleaders of Super Bowl XLVII from the Teams Baltimore Ravens and 49ers Gold Rush. This is no way undermines other super beautiful cheerleaders and their teams. A difficult task accomplished.

Joanna, Baltimore Ravens:


Name: Joanna T.
Tenure: Two Years
Day Job: Environmental Scientist

Joanna is a graduate of Marshall University who hopes to land a management position in her late 20s and then leave it shortly thereafter to become a stay-at-home mother.

Surely, the higher-ups at whatever company she works for will be thrilled about that when the time comes.

I’m not judging anyone’s life choices, but what’s the point in striving for a management position that you have no intention of keeping? I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.

Her Bio:

A former captain of Marshall University’s Dance Team, Jo has always wanted to be a NFL Cheerleader. After attending a prep class at The Castle, she knew the Ravens were the perfect team for her. This year, Jo is looking forward to being more involved with some of the behind-the-scenes stuff with the team as well as making another deep playoff run!

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Dana, Baltimore Ravens:


Name: Dana W.
Tenure: Six Years
Day Job: Kindergarten Teacher

Dana is a University of Maryland graduate who would eventually like to be able to work from home while raising a family. She’s been a captain for the last three seasons and her

favorite player is stud running back (hey diddle diddle) Ray Rice (up the middle).

I am pretty much incapable of seeing or saying Ray Rice without thinking or saying that “hey diddle diddle” thing. It’s maddening.

Her Bio:

Dana says the best part of being a Ravens Cheerleader is, “Being able to do what I love, for a team that I love, with the people that I love”. Dana has completed 3 seasons as captain and 2012 will be her sixth season overall with the Ravens. Like some of her teammates, she spends her days teaching children and looks forward to the outlet of cheering to relieve stress and put her more at ease. The most rewarding part for her: having the opportunity to be a part of various fundraising and charity events throughout the year.

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Cathy, Baltimore Ravens:


Name: Cathy C.
Tenure: One Year
Day Job: Business Analyst

Cathy is a Midwestern girl who grew up in Wisconsin. She headed west for college and is a graduate of the University of Southern California. Now she’s in Baltimore teaching fitness classes, cheering for the Ravens and analyzing businesses.

No. I do not have any formal business training. But I totally fooled you, didn’t I?

Her Bio:

After cheering for over 10 years, Cathy took 3 years off before making her return to cheerleading with the Ravens. She is looking forward to getting back on the field to cheer for

such a great franchise. When she isn’t cheering you might find Cathy slicing a champagne bottle open with a knife or sword. As she put it, “It’s no big deal!”

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Courtney, Baltimore Ravens:


Name: Courtney L.
Tenure: Five Years
Day Job: Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Courtney is a graduate of Towson University with very broad career goals耀he wants to “develop a strong character as a respectable, hard-working business woman.” Alrighty then. Her favorite reality show is Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so that may be something she heard Kim say at some point.

I’ve named her uniquely vague career goal the “even if you aim for nothing, you’ll probably still hit something” strategy. And I’m totally stealing it.

Her Bio:

Before joining the Ravens, Courtney had never cheered before in her life. She comes from a dance background where she had the chance to meet some Ravens Cheerleading veterans who eventually convinced her to join the squad. Courtney’s natural dance ability isn’t surprising considering her grandmother, Consetta Caruccio/Lenz was on the 1936 USA Olympic gymnastics team.

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Kori, Baltimore Ravens:


Name: Kori K.
Tenure: One Year
Day Job: Restaurant Employee

Kori is currently working the to-go station at one of Texas Roadhouse’s 370 locations (in 46 states!), but eventually she’d like to receive training and become an ultrasound technician. She is still very young and has plenty of time to figure out all that career junk.

Her age isn’t listed, but I know she’s young because I haven’t heard of most of the things she likes and her favorite place to vacation is Disney World.

Her Bio:


Even though she is a rookie, you can say that Kori has been a Raven for a long time. As a youngster, she was a member of the Little Ravens Cheerleading Team. Prior to cheering for the Ravens, Kori was a member of the Baltimore Blast Cheerleading Team where she won Rookie of the Year honors. Outside the stadium you can probably find Kori ordering a vanilla bean coffee at Starbucks or a water ice from Ritas.

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Priscilla, 49ers Gold Rush:


Name: Priscilla
Tenure: Two Years
Day Job: In-Home Tutor/School Aide

Priscilla attended American Career College and earned a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Which, apparently in California, makes you qualified to educate the nation’s youth.

Whatever. I’ve had plenty of unqualified teachers and I turned out just fine.

Her Bio:


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Audrey, 49ers Gold Rush:


Name: Audrey
Tenure: One Year
Day Job: Pilates Instructor

Audrey has already earned two undergraduate degrees, but she plans to return to school at some point to obtain her doctorate in physical therapy. She’s also a daredevil who once tackled an Olympic skeleton run in Utah, headfirst on a little sled, reaching speeds upward of 50 mph.

So, depending on how things shake out, she’s either going to become a physical therapist or require one. Hopefully the former.

Her Bio:

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Carianne, 49ers Gold Rush:


Name: Carianne
Tenure: One Year
Day Job: Model and Stylist

For a model and stylist whose favorite reality show is Jerseylicious, Carianne’s look is surprisingly understated. She loves the show so much that she is planning a trip to the New

Jersey salon where it’s filmed to meet the cast.

That should be interesting. Or not.

Her Bio:

Occupation: Model & Stylist

Tenure: 1

Education: I am in the process of completing my AA and studying nutrition at a community college.

Career Goal: Obtain my BS in Nutrition and become a Nutritionist

Guilty Pleasures: Watching my favorite reality show Jerseylicious. I plan on making a trip to New Jersey just to go the hair salon where they work to meet the cast.

Fun fact: I work at a pumpkin patch during for Halloween and I also run a Christmas tree lot for the whole month of December until Christmas.

Something worth fighting for: Family

Favorite Song or anthem of your life: I Hope You Dance by Leeann Womack

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Christine, 49ers Gold Rush:


Name: Christine
Tenure: Three Years
Day Job: PhD Candidate and Researcher

Christine is a student of science-related things that most of us couldn’t even begin to understand, so I’ll spare you the details. Unfortunately, that leaves us short on details. Her “fun fact” is that she is both blonde and Hispanic and has second cousins in Mexico.

Scientists have a different idea of “fun,” apparently.

Her Bio:

Something worth fighting for: Your dreams, what you believe in, family, true love, and happiness.

Favorite Song or anthem of your life: “Love Like Crazy” by Lee Brice because it reminds me of what is important in life.

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Jennifer, 49ers Gold Rush:


Name: Jennifer
Tenure: One Year
Day Job: Graduate Student

Jennifer is a Gold Rush rookie this season, but she struts her stuff like a seasoned veteran. Before heading north to San Francisco, she cut her teeth shaking pom poms, however futilely, for the Chargers in San Diego for five years.

What a year to cut the Chargers loose for the 49ers. Best. Timing. Ever.

Her Bio:

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