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Top 10 To Revive Your Sex Life After Baby

Dropping levels of hormones, parenting insecurities and feelings of un-attractiveness can dry up desire post child birth. You probably just don’t feel like yourself down there. On average, couples resume sexual relations by seven weeks and 90% are back to some sort of love making routine by six months.

Sex helps you life longer and better, whether the positive benefits stem from your body or mind. Use sex as a tool, to improve your physical appearance and outlook on life.

There are certain aspects about your body that have changed due to pre and post-natal state. But don’t forget there are many health benefits associated with sex, including a longer life span, better cardiovascular health, higher pain tolerance,  improve immune system and lower rate of depression.

Feel good about your body.  In present time, we are raised to hide our bodies’ flaws whenever possible. This is something that should apply only when you are out in public, and not in the privacy of the bedroom with your committed lover. Take a heart, you just popped a kid out and you need to give it some time. Your partner love’s you regardless of the shape your body is in.

Revamp your Night Wardrobe: Buy yourself some sexy underwear. Try simple elegant satin nighties that look sexy but are able to cover that flab up. Open your closet and identify the clothing that make you look heavier than you actually are and set them aside permanently. Looking terrible leads to feeling terrible and its plain inconsiderate to your partner.  Keep “sexy” in mind when you go shopping.

You can increase and prolong female sexual pleasure with the use of Adam and Eve women’s sex toys. They has a wide selection to suit every possible need. If you’re unsure of what to choose, the Adam and Eve buyers’ guide will help you pick the right sex toy. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Get a new toy. Take a couple’s trip to a sex toy store like Adam and Eve. Talk about what turns you on and find a toy (or a few) that can compliment both of your desires. Use toys to explore new role playing, themes, or to simply find your G-spot.

Indulge in Foreplay:  Go for walks or workout together…this is great foreplay…enjoy…don’t put to much pressure on yourself…take your time getting back to that pre-baby body. According to the Kerry Mcclskey, the author of  The Ultimate Sex Diet  “Encourage your partner to make sex dates. Having sex dates can actually increase anticipation and make the loving more thrilling. Alternate who plans the foreplay activity and who chooses the sex position.  Do a little teasing during the hours leading up to the lovemaking.”

Try New Poses: Add some new positions and sex toys to your bedroom repertoire, and you’ll be ready to light the fires and to speed the night away! Ask for a sensual massage while you describe a secret fantasy. 

Smell Good: Make use of an effective deodorant and even some fragrant soap, shower gel and (on the right occasions) perfumes. Don’t forget to moisturize the skin so that it looks supple and inviting.

Take out time to talk and discuss feelings– There is no doubt that, the person with the higher sex drive feels rejected. But discussing your feelings can make it into a problem you’re working on together. Discuss your sexual fantasies or the activities you can do to heighten each other’s arousal and climax. Speak out the deep inner thoughts and feelings.

Light Up the Mood: aromatic candles, turn your bedroom to a kind of sexy haven and your sex life will jump back. Clear out any clutter that may be distracting to the fun at hand, especially baby nappy and food.

Get in touch with your sexual self: When you get those precious moments while baby’s sleeping, don’t clean up or nap. Consider masturbating instead.

Squeeze out time for Intimacy Remember there is always time for sex, cut out half an hour of watching TV and updating Facebook for half an hour fun under the sheets. You will actually feel more relaxed and mellow.

Enjoy the experience– the scent, the texture, the feel created while making love. 

Sex is not just sex. Its an important part of maintaining intimacy with each other and is one of the most important glues that cement your relationship. 

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