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Top 10 Sex Lies Women Say To Their Partner In Bed

Sex is just one part of a relationship, but it’s a very intimate, satisfying, and emotional component many enjoy. As brutal as it sounds, sometimes white lies are better than being honest if it means maintaining a positive bond with somebody, even when it comes to sex. Do you know what women lie about in bed? You might be surprised!

10. “I know what I’m doing, trust me.”

For less experienced women, or for women who have yet to grasp the “secrets” and pleasure centers behind sex and/or sexual acts, some may try to fake that they know exactly what they are doing or that they’ve “done it before.”

When a woman tries to pretend she knows what she’s doing, this is to help cover up the embarrassment she feels for lack of knowledge. There are times where women may believe their partner may think it is “cute” that she doesn’t have experience. Then there are moments where a woman can be completely shamed for not knowing something.

9. “Our sex life is perfect.”

Let’s be honest, no sex life is perfect – at least not long-term. Things can get stale at times, STIs or libido problems may occur, and sometimes, sex can be painful for one or both partners. Then there’s the case of erectile dysfunction which, according to research, affects 18 million men in the United States each year.

As much as both partners would love their sex life to be perfect, the term “perfect” cannot be used to describe any aspect of a relationship realistically. Surely, there’s some things both partners would like to change about the sex, whether that be the frequency, speed, positions used, length of foreplay, amount of pleasure, and so on.

8. “I’m closing my eyes because it feels good, not because I’m tired.”

While making love, there is a good possibility that when a female is closing her eyes that she is enjoying the act or is relaxed by what is happening, but then there is also the chance that she is bored, tired, or even in pain. There’s also a chance that the woman is just putting up with the sex, which can be common for women with lower sex drives.

However, being tired or relaxed is probably the culprit for many women who use this lie, but sex truly can be draining both during and after. But if you do suspect that a woman is bored in bed, ask her to be open and honest about what she would like to do in bed. 

7. “The sex was great!”

Especially in the case of premature ejaculation where the man ejaculates quickly, often before the woman is even able to finish herself, the woman may tell the man that the sex was wonderful even if she gained little satisfaction from it. It’s a way to keep up a man’s ego and to not make the man feel guilty.

However, it’s okay for both men and women if they aren’t pleased with a session of sex or other sexual act. Not everything will always end up perfectly.

6. “No, it doesn’t hurt. Keep going.”

For men of bigger sizes, or for woman with smaller sizes, a woman is likely to let the man continue without telling him to stop. Even for women who are struggling with pain or discomfort, it seems that letting a man finish is the right thing to do. Telling him to stop may seem like a failure to the woman or even rude to the needs of a man.

There may even be cases where a woman is dealing with a genital infection such as a yeast infection where sex burns due to swelling or sensitive skin inside and/or outside of the vagina. However, women are not always quick to stop. Many don’t want to let their pain get the best of them.

5. “I’ve had X many partners.”

While it’s far better to be honest with how many partners one has had, and most probably do in fact tell the truth, there are women out there who stretch the truth. 

Women who are virgins who are ashamed to be may lie to their partner, telling them that they have in fact had experienced when they hadn’t. Women who have slept with multiple partners may tell their current one that they only slept with, say, five other men instead of ten, in effort not to be slut-shamed.

Then there are the women who truly do not know how many partners they have been with. In this case, it really isn’t a lie, but they may or may not be able to pinpoint a numerical range.

4. “Your size is perfect: not too big or too small.”

Most women know that men are quite sensitive when it comes to the size of their genitals, just as many women are with the size of their breasts and buttocks. When a man is told that his size is “perfect” or “huge,” he tends to get an ego boost right away. Although the average penis size is shorter than you’d think, no man wants to hear that he is “small,” even though he has no control over it.

Truthfully, even if a woman believes a man’s size is a good size for her, she may be hesitate to say that it’s big because of what the standards are in today’s society. It’s also possible for women to tell a man that his size is perfect even though she thinks it’s too large. If told that he is “too” big or small, a man may think he cannot please the woman.

3. “You always turn me on.”

Being realistic here, long-term partners are not always turned on by one another depending on their mood, current feelings towards that person, and even based on how their partner looks in the moment. But most importantly, it is very rare for anyone to be constantly turned on in general.

For both women and men alike, it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed about if you aren’t always turned on by your partner. It doesn’t mean you don’t find them attractive; sometimes we are just not up for making love. However, when women lie to men about “always being turned on” around them, it’s a way to raise their partner’s confidence.

2. “I can’t. I have a headache.”

This is one of the top lies many often joke about when it comes to what women say to their partner in bed. “Having a headache” may or may not be a good excuse for refraining from sexual acts, but if it is a lie, women may say this if they are honestly just tired or simply not in the emotional or physical mood.

But according to one research (and you can let your partner know this!), sex is actually good for headaches and can actually relieve pain better than painkillers. This is because sexual acts can increase endorphins in the brain, effecting the nervous system directly. Psychologically, sex can be a distractor from the pain both emotionally and physically.

1. “Yes, I did orgasm!”

Number one on our list of sex lies many women say in bed is that they’ve orgasmed. But it’s a pretty ridiculous and cruel thing to lie to a partner saying they’ve made them finished when they hadn’t, since we’re being completely honest here! Although, women have their reasons.

In fact, a 2017 study showed that only 18.4 percent of women could successfully orgasm from just sex alone and that a majority of women require clitoral stimulation to be able to orgasm. 

However, a similar clarification to their partner regarding the type of orgasm they can have and prefer to begin with can eliminate the need for a woman to lie about whether or not they’ve had an orgasm.


Especially in female-male relationships, it is not uncommon for the woman to just put up with sex for the sake of their partner’s physical enjoyment and emotional needs. However, women in any partnership can love sex and be satisfied by it. 

But there are times where women may feel that they have to save face when it comes to making their partner has done a good job and has a lot to offer. If you must get the truth out of your partner, let them know that her honesty is important to you. After all, a sexual relationship doesn’t always have to be flawless – and often isn’t.

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