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Top 10 tips to Enjoy Dessert with Weight loss

Portrait of happy young Woman eating delicious muffins

Restricting dessert completely from your diet is bound to destroy the pleasure of eating, sooner or later and jeopardize you weight loss plan.


If you have a choice, choose fruit-based creations-something like a fruit sorbet, or a fruit salad (minus the ice-cream) over cake, or torte or pie. Try the Do-si-dos peanut butter cremes. One serving (two cookies) is the lowest in calories (110) and unhealthy saturated fat (1.5 grams).

If a fruit based desert typically comes with a fat rich topping sauces such as cream, creme fraiche (a homemade, organic fresh yogurt) or a chocolate sauce, request the topping to be on the side and spoon it on with a light touch.


When you do eat ice creams, try regular varieties rather than rich, super premium types, which are invariably high in fat.


Desserts that rely on egg whites, such as meringue or angel food cake, sherbets, ice milk or flavored ices also won’t do you good.

Face-to-face with a seductive or other rich desserts (sundaes, kulfi) take one-spoon or one fork helping.

Fresh berries are excellent choices of dessert if you pass up the cream.

Ask about special low-fat low calorie offerings: perhaps there’s a gelatin & sugarless fruit based dessert choice for diabetes and that’s good for weight watchers too

Occasionally opt for yogurt, rice pudding with sultanas, baked apples with raisins and a little brown sugar, fruit salad or fruit-based ice-lollies are healthy alternatives.


You can grate a bit of 70% cocoa chocolate over the top of a dessert- it is a rich source of iron and several trace elements. Because it doesn’t contain the sugar levels of most confectionery, it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels in the same way.


A bowl of fresh berries needs dusted with icing sugar is a healthy option.

Never forget that the secret to successful weight-loss lies in working with your body, not against it. Without dumping healthy eating for the gourmet approach, there are always ways with which you can make life easier for yourself.

Dessert is one of life’s simple pleasures. Eat up and enjoy.

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