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Top 10 Tips to Look Good Naked

Quick fixes don’t work, especially when it comes to your body. You need to give it enough time to readjust to the new and healthy lifestyle change. With a bit of effort, you can have the sexiest body you’ve ever desired in your life.
Wondering how to look better naked……catch  up on these 10 tips.

Especially in the wintertime, skin tends to be dry and flaky, so it’s important to scrub off dead skin cells in order to look radiant in the buff. Make sure that what he touches is perfectly soft so that he’ll want to do it more… and more!  A salicylic acid body wash is the best way to treat bacne. After exfoliating, try substituting your regular moisturizer for one with a sexy sheen or, better yet, for baby oil.

Go for a Tan
If you are self-conscious about your curves,tanning is a great way to look thinner without actually having to diet. For a chiseled face, sweep bronzer across the apples of your cheeks, or for shapely legs, use a darker bronzer on the outside of the leg and blend with a lighter shade on the inside. A tan can hide other imperfections like spider veins andstretch marks.

Find a Sensuous Shimmer 
Makeup may make you feel sexier; however, you don’t want it to smear all over your sheets. Instead of using a heavy foundation or cream, opt for an oil-free tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone.

Stay Hydrated
Battle that bloated feeling with tons of water. While there may not be a hard-and-fast rule on how many ounces each day you should be drinking, chances are you could be drinking more—and you should up your intake if you exercise a lot. Drink more than you feel like [drinking], especially when you have PMS. Filling up on water, and fruits and veggies that are rich in water, will actually decrease bloat, fight fatigue, and make your arms and legs look slim.

Get a Nude Pedicure
It has a subtle, but real, leg-elongating effect. Go for a non-shimmery nail polish that matches yourskin tone or is a shade lighter. Try L’Oréal Paris Nail Color in Sweet Nothing for fair complexions, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mudslide for olive, and Hipp x RGB nail polish in F3 for dark skin.

Catch the wave
Try not to wash your hair, if possible. Styling is easier to do on day-old hair — and tousled, wavy hair can be sexy. Leave it down so it falls at your shoulders for a natural look, which will also give him something to run his fingers through. Skip the product and extra hairspray too — if his fingers get stuck, your scalp may get an unexpected (and not-so-sexy) yank!

Squeeze in a quick workout
Jumping rope is better than running because it engages the whole body. Do three sets of 50 to 100 jumps, and change your foot movement—high knees, side steps, jumping jacks.

Opt for a warm fragrance
Looking sweet is irrelevant if you don’t also smell great. Draw attention to your décolletage and wrists by dabbing on a warm, spicy fragrance such as Coco by Coco Chanel. (For more perfume/fragrance suggestions, see how to find the right scent for you!)

Watch your Heels
Just because you are naked doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! Skyscraper shoes lift your butt, engage your leg muscles, and give your stems an amazingly slender and long appearance. High heels are sexy and have the advantage of making your legs look especially lean — plus, heels give your butt an extra lift. Or, for a more playful option, don a feather boa or a rocking piece of dangly jewelry that you can also use to tickle and tease him later.
Find the right lighting
Looking good naked isn’t just about your skin — a soft lighting scheme can help flatter your figure. Avoid harsh fluorescents whenever possible, and instead try to incorporate mood lighting, such as candles, uplighting or floor lamps. Amber light casts skin in a warm, rosy glow. Place a red-hued bulb in bedside lamps and paint your ceiling a barely there shade of peach or pink to enhance the effect. Rather than facing your guy front-on, which can make you look square, turn so you’re at a 3/4 angle. This accentuates the curves of your breasts, butt, and thighs.


Wash your bikini area with a 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide cleanser before shaving to reduce the inflammation and bacteria that contribute to ingrowns.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Remember, if you feel sexy and fabulous, you will look it — even in the buff… and confidence is, after all, the ultimate sexiness! Smile, practice good postureand have a positive attitude!

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