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Top 10 Anti-Aging Rules

Don’t become a caricature of what you were at 20 or 30. Women who are guilty of this tend to wear the look that they had when they felt their most attractive. Besides, women today are more active and vibrant into their 40’s50’s 60’s 70’s and beyond than ever before. Anti-aging self care is key to self confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

1. Anti-Aging Rule #1

Update your makeup the way you update your wardrobe. As a woman matures, skin care and makeup application changes but they always go hand in hand to create beauty. More focused attention to skin care is in order. “Less is more” when it comes to makeup. Makeup should be applied and colors should be chosen in a way that helps lift the face to make you look younger and more attractive. Your cosmetics should never be used as something to hide behind, rather your makeup and skin care should be used to enhance and accent the mature beauty that you have become.

2. Anti-Aging Rule #2

Age gracefully and you’ll always remain youthful. Love yourself. Not in a narcissistic sense, but in a spirit of gratitude for the marvelous mind and body your have been given. Those who appreciate what they have are less likely to indulge in food, alcohol, and tobacco abuse, and are less likely to neglect exercise and other anti-aging tactics.

3. Anti-Aging Rule #3

Believe it’s possible to control the aging process. This rule is not easy to accept because life is finite. You look at how family, friends and peers age, and not one of them is getting younger. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to Put Old on Hold. We have an “earth is flat” mentality about the aging process. The reality is, we have more control than we think.

If you can believe it is possible to put old on hold, then visualize how you want to be when you are 60, 70 and beyond. You must have a clear picture of what you desire and commit to making it happen. That commitment will drive the choices you make about how you live, think and behave.

4. Anti-Aging Rule #4

Educate yourself about what constitutes a healthy anti-aging lifestyle. Always remember, your health is your number one priority. Nothing matters more.
You must know as much about vitamins as you know about your favorite TV personalities. It’s not work, it’s an exciting journey. Read widely – do not latch on to the beliefs of any one health guru. Take your time. Evaluate everything you read. Be ready to change beliefs when it is obvious something else makes more sense.

5. Anti-Aging Rule #5

Find a traditionally trained physician who has expertise in anti-aging nutrition and anti-aging medicine. This will help you reach your goal. Another caution: Do not “fall in love” with your anti-aging physician. Other doctors know even more and it is appropriate to shop around until you find someone who is really in harmony with your thinking and approach to anti-aging.

6. Anti-Aging Rule #6

Engage in rigorous mental management. No more negative self talk such as “I must be getting old,” or “I’m too old to do that anymore,” or “I’m losing it.” Your subconscious is your obedient servant. It listens to everything you say or think about yourself and will help get you where it thinks you want to go, faster than you can imagine.

7. Anti-Aging Rule #7

Control lazy, human nature. Even if it’s ten minutes of walking, do it on a regular basis. Do not engage in mental discussion about being too tired or some other excuse. Just do it. As middle age approaches control thoughts about entitlement. Do not expect or allow others to do for you what you are capable of doing for yourself. Unnecessary dependence is selfish, costly to self-esteem and hastens decline.

8. Anti-Aging Rule #8

Avoid Negative environment. Do not allow negative comments from others about your appearance, health, or activities to throw you off track. Develop a bulletproof attitude about yourself. When asked how you are your response must always be, “I am terrific” and believe that you are!

9. Anti-Aging Rule #9

Keep a running inventory of your youthful attributes. Only you can determine what they are, and the best way to discover what you value most is to observe old people. What do they do, or how do they live, think or behave that you consider “old”? When you decide what youthful attributes are important to you, make certain to stay focused on what you want to achieve.

10. Anti-Aging Rule #10

Do not retire. If you are healthy, you cannot retire if want a fabulous second life at 60, 70 and beyond. Retirement expedites decline and a poverty-level lifestyle. By age 50 at the latest have an “exit plan” in place, so at 60 or 65, you can go on to a second career, go back to school, or start a new business.

If you have taken care of yourself early in life, you should be in reasonably good to excellent health later on, ready for more than a rocking chair, playing on bingo sites or a nursing home.

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