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Top 10 to Say Goodbye to Dieting

The not-so-secret, secret to weight loss and control, is not an eating plan with a sexy name and lots of hype but a healthy low fat diet that, emphasizes fruits, grains and vegetables. If you make it part of your lifestyles you won’t have to worry about gaining pounds back. Fad diets, come and go.

When it comes to planning and eating meals remember these 10 tips, to help keep the pound off.

1 Fill up with Fiber:

Not only is fiber good for you but it fills you up more quickly and with fewer calories which prevents you form eating more. A study at the Brooke army medical center at fort Sam Houston Texas found, that, pectin a soluble fiber found in the skins of fruit and vegetable made people feel full longer. To get more fiber, “base your meals on fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice and whole grain breakfast cereals” says Melanie Polk R.D. director of nutrients education at the American institute for cancer research in Washington D.C.

2 Get Low Fat and Lean:

Each gram of fat contains more calories than gram of protein or carbohydrates. Eating a high fiber diet, full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains naturally helps you can cut down on fat. Also limit your use of oils and butter and switch to dairy products like, fat- free milk, low- fat cheese and low-fat yogurt. If you eat meat, choose moderate portions of skinless chicken and turkey and lean cuts of reds meat, such as top round, bottom round and top sirloin.

3 Be Moderate :

No food is bad if you don’t eat too much of it. Today, we live in a super sized world. Even people who choose low-fat free, will gain weight if they eat too much. You can eat just about any food as long as you enjoy it in moderation.

4 Eat with all Yours Sense:

It’s easy to gulp down meal without enjoying it, then end up still feeling unsatisfied. If you focus more on your food, a little will go a long way. Look at the plate and study the colors and textures. Get the visual enjoyment and then close your eyes and smell the aroma of the meal. As you put a small bite into your each and every morsel. Slowly chew and savor the food before swallowing she says. You’ll satisfy all your sense and realize that you don’t need to eat as much food to get the enjoyment out of it.

5 Size Up Serving Sizes:

When is a bagel, not a bagel ? When it’s really, four bagels. Just because you eat one of something doesn’t mean it’s a single serving. Many foods such as a big bagel are actually, four servings of bread. When you’re eating foods that comes mini bulk such as, rice or pastas, read their labels and figure out exactly what a serving size is. Measures out how much food you eat and compare is to the label to see how many calories and grams of fat you are actually getting. Once you lean servings you’ll be able to judge with your eye how much you should eat.

6 Ask for A Doggie Bag First:

Because they’re so busy many women find themselves eating out a lot these days. Restaurant serving size can be up to four times what a regular serving size should be. To make sure that you don’t overdo it ask for the doggie bag first. Put half of the meal away, before you even start to eat.

7 Make Veggies The Center Piece:

In a typical American meal, meat is often the star. Vegetables and whole grains, just garnish the main event. Break out of whole grains, the centerpiece. If you do have meat make it a small side dish.

8 Utilize Spices and Flavor:

Fat isn’t the only way to flavored food. Using nonfat sauces such as, teriyaki, flavored vinegars or non-fat salad dressing. Season vegetables and meats with herbs and spices to add flavor without fat.

9 Be Prepared:

If you don’t have any healthy low fat food around, it’s easy to fall into a fat eating trap. Stock up your pantry with a few items to make sure that you can always fix a quick and easy tasty meal brown rice, whole grains spaghetti, beans salsa, frozen vegetables, canned fruit, low-fat pasta sauce and low fat chicken broth.

10 Snack on Fruits and Vegetables:

Snacking isn’t evil when you’re trying to lose or maintain weight as long as you pick healthy low fat snacks. When you feel the hunger set in before meals, try fresh or canned fruit, whole- wheat crackers, vegetables such as, baby carrots or a glass of low- fat or fat- free milk.

The only things that really work is a balanced healthy diet with moderation combined with an active lifestyle.

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