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Top 10 to Well-Defined Triceps

Well-Defined Triceps

This week  we discuss about the much ignored muscles of the arm- The Triceps. The triceps are the muscles that run on the backside of upper arm from your shoulder to your elbow. They constitute two-thirds of your upper arm. Their primary function is to extend the elbow and facilitates the backward motion of the arm in the shoulder joint.

The problem with the triceps is that as you get older your triceps will just keep getting softer and gooey. But don’t need to worry, because you can tighten and tone your arms by following a regular training routine. If you are too busy and can’t make it to a gym, you can always use your furniture as gym equipment.

The triceps are a large muscle mass and needs to be trained more than the biceps, which are smaller. When you hear somebody comment on the size of someone’s arms, what they are really noticing is the development of that person’s triceps. The triceps are among the most visible parts of the body, whether flexing, exercising or just hanging out.

Here’s a triad of exercises to help you carve those three stingy muscles.


Press ups : 

Isometric Lat-Pull:



Click here to view this exercise with detailed instructions and demonstration.

Dumbbell Kickbacks:



Tricep Pushdowns:


Lying Tricep Barbell Curl:



Tricep Extension with resistance band: 

Two Arm Pullover:


This is an excellent exercise to isolate the large triceps muscle at the back of the upper arm.

Narrow grip Bench Press:


Push ups:

A wise way to work triceps into your workout regimen is to couple them with either chest or shoulder workouts.

Smart Tips
  • Remember, when using a barbell the total reps should be about 40. With dumbbells, the total number of reps will be about 60. For the most part you should do sets of 8-10. Also, for barbell work, use a straight bar not an EZ curl bar.
  • Keep the rest periods short 15-60 seconds.
  • The main goal of the tricep work is to build the area around the elbow. The long head is important for benching.
  • When doing extensions, keep the barbell or dumbbells close to the head. Don’t turn it into a pullover.


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