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Tune In To Isometrics

Tune In To Isometrics

Isometrics is an exercise that involves muscle contraction through pushing, pressing and pulling against an immovable object. This form of exercise uses minimal movement to build muscles. Instead, the force of muscle contraction, muscle – against muscle resistance builds strength.  Hold your left and right palm down. Press your hands together as hard as you can. You can feel your pectoral, shoulder, and arm muscles working. This is an example of isometric exercise.

When you suck in your gut, you’re doing an isometric contraction. Another example is the kegel exercise, a contraction of the vaginal muscle, which women are counseled to do during pregnancy to counteract the pressure of the fetus on the bladder and afterward to tone the muscles stretch by childbirth.

Not only does it burn calories, but it also strengthens, relaxes and tones muscles.

Below are some isometrics that you can do virtually anywhere, anytime. Begin by holding each contraction for five seconds. Two sets of 10 repetitions is a good start. You can work up to 10 and then 15 seconds per contraction and then three or more sets. Read on and discover how you can tune into Isometrics.

Remember, as long as you’re flexing or applying force against something, you’re engaged in an isometric exercise.

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