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Targeting Urinary Inconsistency With Yoga

In the present scenario where women have developed a sedentary lifestyle urinary inconsistency is increasingly becoming a problem.

Inconsistency is a condition when the bladder stops functioning normally. There are a number of people who suffer from a weak bladder from time to time when they laugh, cough or sneeze. These actions put a sudden stress on the bladder and when the bladder is not supported by strong muscles the sphincter can lose control and the urine might flow resulting in a bladder weakness. It is not that only old people suffer from this condition, it is seen that many young and active and healthy people also suffer from this syndrome.

It is important that you should take the signs of bladder weakness seriously but the condition is perfectly normal and especially in women above the age of 30.

Possible Causes for Urinary Inconsistency

Having a weak bladder can be considered as a part of a woman but it can surely be managed with a positive attitude and by following a few simple steps.

Yoga Healing

The urinary system of the human body includes the kidneys, bladder and tubes. These organs control the amount of water and salts that are absorbed back into the blood and what is given out as waste. This system also acts as a filtering mechanism for the blood. When your vaginal muscles are weak, it can cause issues with your ability to reach orgasm and affect urine flow and bowel control. Several yoga poses can help rehabilitate this delicate musculature, helping restore normal control of your urine and bowel. In addition, you might be able to more easily achieve orgasm.

The urinary system not only forms an indispensable part of the human body system but also executes the ultimate function of the digestive system. Regular practice of asanas prevents any disorder in the urinary organs and the prevailing ailments can also be checked to a great extent.

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