Top 10 Venezuelan Hottest Women

9) Francys Sudnicka

Francys SudnickaFrancys Mayela Sudnicka was born on 9th December 1979 in Valencia, Venezuela. She is a Venezuelan model of Polish ancestry. She was born in the city of Valencia, Venezuela. Barraza lived and went to school in Poland until her adolescence. She then moved back to Valencia, Venezuela, where she lived for a few years before returning to Poland two years ago.

She is noted for being the second former contestant of the famed Miss Venezuela pageant to win the right to represent another country at the Miss Universe pageant. Barraza tried several times to enter the Miss Venezuela pageant, succeeding in 2003 but falling short of the national title; she then entered Miss Poland in 2006 and similarly placed only as a semifinalist, but was then appointed by the Polish organization as its representative to Miss Universe and Miss Earth.

In 2003, Barraza was named a semifinalist in the Miss Centroccidental preliminary, one of the largest selections of candidates for Venezuela's powerful national pageant. The judges gave away the titles of six states in Venezuela to the winners of that pageant, but did not select Barraza. However, the president of the Miss Venezuela pageant, overruled them and ordered that Barraza (and two other ultimately unsuccessful contestants) be sent to the capital to prepare for Miss Venezuela 2003. After passing the final rounds of elimination, Barraza was appointed as the representative of the state of Trujillo and became a moderate favorite to win that year's pageant. She finished in the top ten, beating out many contestants who had placed ahead of her in the semifinal rounds that year and in previous years.

Barraza represented the Polish community of Venezuela in the Miss Poland 2005 contest. The winner of the Miss Poland contest is appointed to Miss World while a runner-up becomes Miss Poland Universe, but Barraza was too to represent the country in Miss World if she won. Despite being a later addition to that pageant and a heavy favorite.

Several months later it was announced that Sudnicka would assume the title of Miss Poland Universe 2006. In December 2005 Francys was preparing to contest the Miss Universe 2006 title and will follow Natascha Borger (Miss Germany Universe 2002) as the second alumna of the Miss Venezuela pageant to seize a foreign crown after an unsuccessful participation in the Miss Venezuela preliminary. Since Borger was highly successful representing Germany in international pageants. However, even though she was one of the clear favourites to become at least a runner-up, she was unplaced during the finals night.

Francys SudnickaWhat are your interests and what do you enjoy doing the most? Sports - I love swimming; I like to keep myself fit; I like to do cardio exercises. I love music. Listening to music makes me relax. Reading books puts me in contact with nature, the environment and people and you can learn something from everyone. My career and my modeling work satisfies me as well.

Name one person other than your parents who has had the most influence on your life. Why?My brothers and sisters, but especially my sister Elizabeth. She has been very supportive in my life and somehow I feel that I have to protect her. She is my younger sister; she is my number 1 fan. I love her so much. Describe where you were raised and what your childhood was like. My childhood was a wonderful period in my life. Since I was 2 years old until my adolescence, I lived in Poland. I was a dreamer with a lot of friends, always happy exploring new games and places, trying new adventures. I went to school in Poland.

What makes you unique and different from the other contestants? I think being humble, independent and very positive, always smiling, focused on everything I am doing.
Francys competed in the Miss Earth 2006 pageant in Manila, Philippines against 82 other women as Miss Earth Poland. She placed as one of the finalists. She placed in the top

She took part in the 9th edition "Dancing with the Stars" in Poland, she was partnered with professional dancer and choreographer Lukasz Czarnecki, Francys was voted off on the 5th week, finishing in the 7th place.


Dated 07  December 2013