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Increasing Overall Flexibility

20 November 2017

Keeping your muscles and ligaments flexible is important because tight muscles can cause chronic pain. Flexibility training helps balance muscle groups that might be overused during exercise or physical activity or as a result of bad posture.

International Fitness Model Patrizia Yanguela Shares Her Plans For The Upcoming 2018!

18 November 2017

Exotic, fierce, and a fanatical jet-setter, Swiss born Patrizia Yanguela is now conquering the US with the release of her steamy new 2018 calendar on Sunday, October 22ND.

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Diabetes Awareness Month

November 2017     

Whether you're living with diabetes, caring for someone who is, or you're fighting to stop it, there's a hero in you. One in 11 Americans has diabetes. So put on your cape and take a stand.


Weight Loss

The CICO Diet Challenged By Nutritionists
15 November 2017

CICO stands for "calories in, calories out." , a new concept-to lose weight, where one simply needs to consume fewer calories than she expends each day on physical activity and vital functions (such as breathing and keeping warm).


Tips To Reduce Your Risk Of A Stressful Situation At Birth
01 November 2017

A recent study analysed the research on this topic and recommended that women should labor in whatever position they find most comfortable and not be required to lie down for long periods of time.


The Blueberry Diet To Banish Belly Fat! 
13 September 2017

Blueberry antioxidants have been linked to the banishing of belly fat, heart disease, and diabetes. Not only do they change how glucose is stored and processed in the body, a diet rich in the antioxidant Anthocyanin has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Women Beauty

Diabetic Foot Care
15 November 2017

Diabetes mellitus (DM) represents several diseases in which high blood glucose levels over time can damage the nerves, kidneys, eyes, and blood vessels. Diabetes can also decrease the body's ability to fight infection.

Fitness For Models

How do Celebrities Prepare for Big Events? 
28 September 2017

With the big event around the corner- stars and celebrities get anxious about their looks and dressing Up. Well, talking about the Emmy awards, the stars, go through some serious beauty revamp to model down the red carpet.


Yoga for Diabetics
04 November 2017

Diabetes means that the body does not produce or use insulin properly. Many studies have reported the beneficial effect of the practice of yoga on diabetes. Some studies have mentioned up to 65 percent beneficial effect of yogic therapy for diabetes.