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Fashion Model Elena Gusmeroli On Making her Dream a Reality

16 May 2022

Elena Gusmeroli, a Italian fashion model, Instagram celebrity, world-leading media personality, influencer, and brand ambassador here she talks about her fitness...

Makeup Product for Your Skin Type & When to Throw It Away

14 May 2022

With so many different products on the market, it is crucial that you pick the one that will benefit your skin the most...

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May is Asthma Awareness Month

May 2022

World Asthma day falls on the first Tuesday in May each year and aims to raise support for sufferers and their families. World Asthma Day 2022 is on May 3rd. and the theme is 'Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions'. The idea behind this is to provide a call to action to address common myths and misconceptions about asthma.


Weight Loss

Why Is It Difficult to Lose Weight with PCOS? Answered!
27 December 2021

Women with PCOS often struggle with their weight because they have higher levels of male hormones and their bodies are less sensitive to insulin. But there are certain lifestyle changes and treatment options available to help you maintain a healthy weight and effectively treat your PCOS.


The Reasons Why It Is Important To Exercise during Your Surrogate Pregnancy
23 December 2021

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful things in the world, but at the same time, it can also be very tiring to many women. Now, even though there are some differences between surrogates and traditional pregnancy, generally speaking, some things do remain the same.


Tips To Losing Stubborn Belly Fat Over 50 
23 October 2021

Belly fat, aka visceral fat that is deep in the belly, is very different than the type you pinch under the skin – it is much more metabolically and chemically active, strongly associated with how well you respond to insulin and dietary carbohydrates

Women Beauty

Skincare tips that will help you get glowing skin in 2022.
11 January 2022

if we’re honest, most of us have probably spent the last few years with minimal makeup on our faces. Usually, this is something that many people would avoid at all costs because doing their makeup is something that makes them feel powerful and beautiful and covers over any imperfections that they might want to hide.

Fitness For Models

Add Curves to Your Body… Now! 
4 January 2022

It’s time to say good bye to rake thin and add on curves to your body. Do not be afraid to lift some weight and cut back on the cardio. Round shoulders and hips are in so, focus on some shoulder work and tightening the tush to help bring out firm curves.


4 Yoga Asana to Heal Rotator Cuff Injury
24 November 2021

After a rotator cuff injury, proper shoulder strengthening exercises should be employed.