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The Vital Oils in Beauty Diet

Include the correct oils in your diet to improve your look and boost energy while you lose weight.

Beware of saturated fats and turn to unrefined oils which provide the body with health – enhancing nutrients. Avoid butter, hard margarines, cream, lard and suet and reduce red meat. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds with some chicken and oily fish.

Oils to look out for include virgin olive oil, safflower, sesame seed, sunflower, walnut and hazelnut.

Tips on adding oil to your diet

At Breakfast: Stir a little oil into low -fat yoghurt. Mix a spoonful into mueslii or porridge. Choose from unrefined corn, sunflower, sesame or safflower oils.

In Milk and Fruit Shakes: Base your shake on semi-skimmed milk, Soya milk or fruit juice with extra low-fat yoghurt or Soya-yoghurt. Add a banana, peach or handful of strawberries. Finish with one or two tablespoonfuls of oil per person.

Enrich Dips: Base these on low-fat soft cheese, quark or yoghurt. Add a little flavouring, choosing from French mustard, tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, lemon juice and zest, fresh garlic, grated cucumber or herbs. Finish with one tablespoon of hazelnut or walnut oil.

Stir Fries: Oils are more potent when unheated. When stir frying, toss in an extra tablespoonful to glaze the vegetables.

Desserts: Make dessert based on live, low-fat yoghurt, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk or Soya-yoghurt, Add chopped or liquidized fresh fruit, almonds or hazelnuts plus one tablespoonful of oil per person.

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