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Selecting a Wardrobe to Flatter Your Skin Tone

Enhance your beauty by dressing in clothes that best complement your coloring. Build a wardrobe around colors that celebrate your features and make getting ready in the morning fun and simple.

Your best colors will be determined by a combination of factors including your natural hair color, eye color and skin tone. Take a look at the undertone of your skin in natural daylight and this will help you to determine whether you are a “cool” or a “warm” toned person. Cool toned people tend to have a pink or rosy skin tone. Warm toned people will have a more golden or apricot undertone. Cool toned persons will look best in blue-based colors; warm toned persons will look best in yellow-based colors.

Color can be compelling and daunting, so have some fun and dress up your wardrobe this season!

The Clear Wardrobe

Overall skin tone
Bright and contrasting

Color Me Beautiful seasons
Clear Spring, Clear Winter

Goals : To complement your bright look wear clear colours that are vibrant.

Helpful hints
Avoid greyed-down shades on their own. Contrast light colours with dark ones and add bright colours to liven up neutrals.

Colours to wear

Wear your wonderful wardrobe in combination or solid blocks. Any of these colours can rescue items in your wardrobe that are not up to scratch colourwise.
Pure or soft whites are preferable to creamy shades. Your neutrals are rich and inky, from jet black and navy to charcoal and black-brown.
Hot pink should be great, but if you are pushing your colouring warmer (such as with hair colour), add mango, coral and clear salmon shades. Your best red is scarlet. Keep blues rich like sapphire, greens bright like emerald and yellow as sparkling as topaz.

The Cool Wardrobe

Overall skin tone


Color Me Beautiful season
Cool Summer, Cool Winter

Goals : To compliment your pinky, soft complexion and cool grey hair.

Helpful hints
Avoid yellow, green and brown undertones. Only pinky browns like cocoa will be good, unlike beige, khaki or golden brown

Colours to wear

Your possibilities for looking terrific are many. No browns in sight aside from cocoa or a rose brown. Most shades of blue are fine, but stop short of overpowering royals which are too strong.
All greys are winners, and your best choice for neutral basics over anything warm like camel. Violets can be the lightest lilacs (great with navy, charcoal or soft white) or the richest periwinkle.
Reds are wonderful, especially if blue-based or clear. Try red instead of black for the evening.


The Deep Wardrobe

Overall skin tone
Strong and rich

Color Me Beautiful season
Deep Autumn or Deep Winter

Goals : To compliment your rich looks with vibrant shades, bold contrasts or striking solid blocks of colour

Helpful hints
Make indifferent, neutral shades look more interesting by wearing a deep contrast (black, deep brown, navy).

Colours to wear

With strong colouring you need to go for rich, true colours. Your wardrobe should have clean, crisp white; primary version of red, blue, green and yellow; mahogany, pine, mango, teal, turquoise and purple. You probably don’t need telling that you are a stunner in black as well as inky navy, charcoal, deepest brown and pewter.
You can push your wardrobe palette warmer by adding terracotta, rust, olive, bronze and other golden deep tones if you know that they flatter you. Or, to move into a cooler direction, add blue reds, hot pinks and icy pastels. Think white with just a dash of colour.
Remember, there are no good or bad colors, just ones that are right for you! You can wear almost any color if you learn to choose the right shade and intensity that will enhance your skin tone.

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