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How to wear a silk scarf in winter

For many of us, winter is synonymous with wrapping up warm and embracing thick, cozy fabrics such as wool or cashmere. The snowy season is no place for silk. Surely silk is all about dressing lightly in the warmer months. Well, while silk is certainly suited to elevating a summer dress or fine cotton shirt, it’s also a great winter accessory. Read on to find the best way for you to accessorize with silk this winter…

Keep cozy with a head-turner headwrap

A silk scarf doesn’t have to be worn around the neck. Instead, why not maximize its potential by incorporating it into your winter headwear? By folding the scarf into a rectangle, wrapping it around your head, and tying it with a simple loose knot at the back, you can create a perfect alternative to a hat.

Silk has considerable properties that enable thermal regulation. As well as helping you feel cool in the summer, silk is also great at keeping you warm in the cold. Since it doesn’t have the bulkiness of a woolly hat, you’ll also enjoy the added advantage of avoiding that nuisance phenomenon we all know: “hat hair”!

Stay classic with simple draping

For a no-nonsense approach, simply drape your scarf around your neck as you might a woolen scarf. It’s a perfect way to keep your neck warm and add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Alternatively, fold the scarf diagonally to form a triangle shape, and then drape it around your neck. A stylish silk scarf is a great way to infuse life into your dark winter attire by matching it with your favorite sweater or coat and introducing pops of color or patterns for an instant style boost.


, layers, layers!

We’ve all been there: Glancing at the chilly, dark day outside, you’ve geared up with thermals, your chunkiest sweater, and coat, only to reach your destination and realize the heating is cranked up, prompting an unexpected need to shed layers! That’s where a silk scarf can come in: It provides enough warmth without being overbearing. Whether draped over a polo neck or worn beneath a coat, silk brings a touch of luxury to any outfit.

A twist on the necktie


For a sleek and modern appearance, try wearing your silk scarf as a twist on a necktie. To achieve this contemporary and sophisticated look, begin by folding the scarf into a rectangle. Next, wrap it around your neck, before twisting the ends and tying them at the front. This not only keeps you warm but also adds a contemporary edge to your winter style.

Wear it as a belt

The beauty of silk and the endless options in terms of color and pattern mean a silk scarf can equally be used to complement an outfit. To do this, fold the scarf into a medium-width strip before wrapping it around your waist, letting the ends hang down. Alternatively, add a bohemian touch and wear it as a sash. Simply fold it into a narrow strip and tie it loosely at the front. For a sleeker look, consider rolling your scarf instead.

With so many options for including your favorite silk scarf in your winter wardrobe, it seems almost wasteful to stow it away in your drawer during the colder months. Instead, celebrate the versatility of silk and incorporate a touch of elegance and sophistication during the winter months!

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