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Whiteheads: Do Not Squeeze!

Whiteheads are the collection of sebum and keratin that plugs the opening of skin pore. They are caused because of excessive secretion of sebum oil. Their tips does not get blackened because the clogged grease is not exposed to the air and oxidation does not take place. These appear in the area where the skin is delicate and fine. They are common under the eyes, on the nose, cheekbone, temples and forehead.

All such things as black heads and white heads spoil the texture of your skin by showing it non smooth and lustrous. You need to look after the skin to prevent it from getting whiteheads and if you already have them then you need to workout to remove them.

Picking whiteheads is  harmful because they are likely to become inflamed. Microcomedos are almost too small to be seen, but you can feel them as roughness on the skin. Once they become inflamed, they may develop into a pustule or a papule. Squeezing a microcomedo or closed comedo (whitehead) will not remove the contents anyway. A microcomedo is an undeveloped comedo, so there is really nothing there to squeeze out. A whitehead has such a small follicular opening that it is nearly invisible, so no contents can be extruded. True cysts are nodules that rest deep below the surface, so you can’t get to them by squeezing. Any attempt to manipulate them will just aggravate the inflammatory process. If you’ve got cysts, the only effective therapy comes in a pill form, usually RoAccutane.

How to remove whiteheads:

First thing you should do to your skin is drinking lots of water, which removes the toxins from the skin and keeps whiteheads at bay.

Remember, keeping your hands off your face serves two purposes. It prevents the spread of bacteria that cause bad skin and helps you resist the temptation to squeeze, which causes scarring.

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