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8 Women Fitness Role Models of 2020: They Simply Rock.

Rated as Women’s health & fitness achievers in and around the world, they have dominated social media as fitness role models.

We bring you an insight into their personal life, achievements, diet, and fitness routine in one-to-one interview only on Women Fitness.

Jen Selter

She squats, lunges and is the second most influential fitness Instagram star by Forbes. Jen Selter first gathered media attention for her debut at a young age on Instagram. As of 2020, she has over 12.7 million followers on Instagram.

If one were gauging admiration by the number of followers on social media, then Jen Selter is the queen of fitspo. Having been named #2 on Forbes inaugural list of “Top Influencers” in the fitness category, the former front desk gym clerk has leveraged her world-renowned physique and love of fitness into a social media-driven empire.

On her website, she offers a couple of monthly to yearly online fitness plans. Her Instagram handle is @jenselter. Message for her fans” I am thankful for my followers every single day. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how much I appreciate all the love and support the #selterfamily has. Scrolling through my social media pages everyday and reading and responding to you guys brings me so much joy. I love you and wouldn’t be where I am today without you, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart. “

To learn more about her fitness and diet routine check out her in conversation with  Women Fitness at

Kelsey Wells

Listed as number 33 on Greatest’s ‘Top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness’ next to Oprah Winfrey, as well as Business Insider’s ’50 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow.

At the age of 29, Kelsey has become one of the most sought after personal trainers to provide health and fitness advice to women around the world, including for her over 2.9 million Instagram followers.

Kelsey rose to influence following her transformation photos in 2016 when her message of wanting women to feel beautiful was heard online. Her social post ‘Screw the Scale’ went viral in July 2016 when the media recognized Kelsey’s passion and desire to share her message with women globally. Women haven’t stopped resonating with Kelsey since, as she continues to help her community focus on self-love, inner strength, and lifting weights without intimidation in the gym.

She is a proud Sweat trainer and the creator of two workout programs; PWR – a gym-based weight training program designed to help women sculpt lean muscle and increase their overall strength, and Post Pregnancy – designed to carefully assist women in regaining their strength and confidence after having children through low impact abdominal, pelvic floor and full-body workouts. Taking a holistic approach to postpartum health, Kelsey encourages women to care for and nurture their bodies.

Kelsey Wells on her website offers various online fitness workout programs. Her Instagram handle is @kelseywells.

She shared her fitness and diet programs on Women Fitness at

Message “Fitness is not about fad diets and following what’s on trend. It’s about making manageable, practical, life changes to help you live healthier and happier. If you’re feeling discouraged in your fitness journey, take a step back, take the pressure off, and simplify things. Don’t let fear or insecurity rob you of your potential. Get outside your comfort zone and believe in yourself – you really can achieve anything you set your mind to. “

Tammy Hembrow

Photo Credits: Studio Flamingo

Fitness entrepreneur Tammy Hembrow has become quite an Internet sensation due to her healthy lifestyle, fit body, and an amazing sense of fashion. The activewear designer, whose home workouts are super challenging and effective, is the mother of two beautiful children and runs her own athleisure company, Saski Collection.

Tammy launched her personal brand on Instagram before the birth of her son in 2015. Dedicated to a lifestyle that allowed her body to look and feel its absolute best, Tammy has spent the last few years perfecting her workout techniques and nutrition programs, working through two pregnancies along the way.

With a phenomenal social media presence of 11.6 million-plus followers on Instagram and over a million subscribers on YouTube, Tammy’s success is attributed to her honest and open approach on all her social channels, which has allowed her fan base to connect with her on such an intrinsic level.

Photo Credits: Studio Flamingo

Tammy Hembrow on her website offers various online fitness workout programs.  Her Instagram handle is @tammyhembrow.

She shares her journey, diet & fitness routine  on Women Fitness, go check it out  at

Goes on to define Women Fitness in her words

“I feel like that’s a really broad area so I will define what it means to me. When I first started going to the gym I began with cardio and yoga, I think this says a lot about how I portrayed female vs male workouts and exercises. I think even today men are portrayed in the fitness industry as the ones who lift heavy or ‘real’ weights. Most recently there is a trend of seeing more women in the media lifting heavy, showing their strength, and using weights to get fit instead of focussing on just cardio. Through showing my personal journey with weights and sharing my experiences I have helped create an online community that supports a woman’s strength and ability to do whatever she sets her mind to.”

Lisa Lanceford

Lisa Lanceford is a famed fitness model and online trainer from the UK. Lisa’s inspirational pictures and videos have earned her massive success in the fitness industry – she’s become a social media icon ever since she opened her online profile.

It wasn’t until 2015 that she took on weight training to improve her slim figure. Within months, Lisa’s body started changing and she caught the lifting bug. Since then, she has gone on to become a fitness star who takes her fans on her awesome journey. She has a phenomenal social media presence of 2.2 million plus followers on Instagram.

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Lisa Lanceford on her website offers various online personalized workouts and meal plans. She also offers workout guides and nutrition e-books for women. Her Instagram handle is @lisafiitt.

Women Fitness interviewed her on her personal diet & fitness routine which you can find at

Message for her fans “Always remember you are YOU! There is nobody else like you! You’re amazing and unique and that’s what makes you special . Always strive to be the best version of yourself and be kind to yourself along the way” 

Yarishna Ayala

She started as a professional “Salsa Dancer” known as “The Mulatas del Sabor”. Participated in the reality show of Marc Antony and Jennifer López called “Q viva the Cosen”. In Puerto Rico, Yarishna started to compete in the bikini category, winning all her competition in Puerto Rico. From there, she went to the United State to compete and find new opportunities in the world of fitness.

In 2013, she obtained her Pro Card in the National Juniors at Chicago, becoming the 1st bikini Puerto Rican to obtain a Pro Card in less than a year of competing in that sport.

She believes God has given all the glory and honor to her. She also recognizes that with God in her life, nothing will be impossible. She has an enviable social media presence of 2.2 million-plus followers on Instagram.

Yarishna Ayala on her website offers 30-Day Challenge, it is a Wellness Journey comprising of a different workout every day. Her Instagram handle is @yarishna.

To know more about her fitness and workout programs check out on Women Fitness at

About Women Fitness she adds “Woman Fitness is an extremely helpful way that you can learn and be motivated at the same time about Fitness. Awesome content and very honoured to have my interview published here.”

Anllela Sagra

Photographer: @pedrorollejr

Anllela Sagra has studied fashion designing. She is the first Colombian fitness model. Today is she is a world-leading fitness star on Instagram with more than 12 million followers.

She shares “Now only 22 years old, my goal is to help others get to where they desire, motivate and show them the best way to accomplish their goals and help them believe in themselves. Everything is possible, everything! The only thing necessary for your journey is the LOVE for what you do”.

“Perseverance, patience, and dedication were everyday words that started to haunt my head because I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I started to feel more comfortable because of my incredible passion I began to know through social networks”.

She switched from modelling to being a fitness competitor and after a year and a half of discipline and dedication, she enrolled in a fitness competition in which she came at 3rd place.

Photo Credits: @ohrangutang

Anllela Sagra website offers multiple online fitness and diet plans. Her Instagram handle is @anllela_sagra.

To gain a deeper insight about her fitness and diet programs check out

She adds “Fitness is the best way to give yourself LOVE. Loving yourself is putting yourself as a priority.”

Eri Anton

Eri Anton is an avid fitness enthusiast, NPC competitor, model, and a well-known social media personality. This bilingual beauty has performed modern dance and holds a degree in nursing. She rose to social media awareness through her amazing photos and videos on Instagram and with a layout in Low Rider Magazine in 2014 in which she graced the cover twice! Eri is currently an Elite Athlete for @BangEnergy and has taken her female physique to a level many can only dream of.

She has her own online fitness apparel called “Inspire by Eri”. Her website ( offers fitness tips, she writes blogs on healthy lifestyle and even has a section called Eri’s Fit Kitchen where she creates and shares her healthy recipes.

Eri has been featured in over 50 publications and is regularly sought after for radio interviews on health and fitness topics. She was recently featured in Yahoo News as one of the top 10 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2020. She has an impressive social media presence of 1.1 million-plus followers on Instagram.

On her website ( she shares free fitness and diet plan. She also offers her branded fitness apparel for women at Her Instagram handle is @erianton_

To know more about her fitness and diet plan check out her interview on Women Fitness at

About Women Fitness she adds “I love the focus on women, and I think there should be a lot more of it. Women have different fitness needs than guys and where women are helping other women to be beautiful, accepting of themselves and learning to be their best I am thrilled. So, Women Fitness I applaud your efforts and more women should be connecting with you and staying current with your website and articles.”

Jillian Michaels

Photo credit: Brian Bolton

Jillian Michaels is the world’s foremost fitness expert and a renowned life coach. Committed to helping people to be the best versions of themselves and to live their happiest and healthiest lives, Michaels has dominated the health and wellness space with hit televisions shows extensively successful fitness DVDs, the foremost exercise streaming platform, 8 New York Times best-selling books, an award-winning podcast, live speaking engagements, her App that provides personal training and nutrition plans, popular social media channels and her personal website

She has an enviable social media presence of 1.3 million-plus followers on Instagram.

Her Fitness App is available on, which offers her Customized Workouts and Meal Plans. Her Instagram handle is @jillianmichaels

To learn more about her fitness and diet programs check out on Women Fitness at

Attributes her success to “By being honest, authentic, and passionate. I don’t fake humility, by taking crappy pics and posting them. BUT I don’t fake my good photos of my physique either. That’s how you inspire.  You show people the way and prove it works.”

They came, they Captured & now rule fitness for Women.  

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