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Workout Music To Get You Started

Music is the UNVIERSAL LANGUAGE. It evokes emotion, creates experience, changes your mood…. Why not use it to your advantage to help motivate your workout sessions?

Music that has a strong, heavy synchronized bass beat can help you not only get motivated but set the cadence of your workouts. Listening to the lyrics can also inspire your workouts to last longer and drive more energy into the workout sequences you are doing. 

As an instructor, I use music to help drive my students to push past their perceived limitations and create a focus that serves to inspire and motivate.   I use rhythm to help me determine when to push my fitness students to work harder and faster, or even slower and more mindful.

There are studies that show faster-paced, steady beat, music help athletes perform better either through increased repetitions, increased pace, longer distances, and stronger efforts. When an athlete feels discomfort or the “burn” from a workout, music can help him or her push past that discomfort enhancing physical performance. 

Music and movement combined can also increase the pleasure hormones, specifically serotonin, in the body while working out. These hormones will put you in a better mood and decrease your emotional and mental stress.

The good news is you can choose whichever genre of music you like at whatever pace you like and enjoy the benefits of good workout music. 

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Enjoy some good tunes and get your workout in!

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