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Workout Tips For Mother-Daughter Duo


While you are looking around for a workout partner in order to get fit, just a hand shake away is one in form of mother and/or a daughter.    Age doesn’t matter if you have a daughter who is a pre-schooler, grade schooler, teenager and so on. This will not help in building your physical fitness but what you stand to gain is a emotional bonding which will only get stronger with time and age.

Stop blaming genetics and lack of time for un-wanted weight gain. Its actually the choices we make daily all  the while we are growing up like–what we eat, how active we stay–are the things that need to be controlled. Don’t give up, its NOW or EVER.

There are number of activities  you get involved in, well, check out some of the suggestions.

Hormones do cause girls to gain weight at puberty, and that’s normal, but if they get too fat at that age it is unlikely to disappear.

We at  Women Fitness promote mother-daughter workout. We even suggest that some grandmother-mother-daughter teams should  be formulated to spread health awareness . It’s good to get young girls started on an exercise program and it’s a good way to spend time together.

Many sports require power, which can be defined as a combination of strength and speed. Others require agility, which can be defined as nimbleness when starting,  basketball require both power and agility. If you get involved in these sports, you should train to improve both.

Keep a big fit ball near your desk and use it as your chair as much as possible. The ball keeps your posture straight and prevents hunching over. The amount of activity or workout you slip into your routine might be minimal compared to a construction worker, a waitress, or a retail saleswoman who is moving around all day. Even though these little tips seem like trivialities, they do add up- as long as you don’t make the destination of those office walks to the snack bar or the candy machine. Be sure to drink water throughout the day and be mindful of your posture throughout the day.

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