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The Y-T-I Workout For A Sexy Back

Y-T-I Workout

The Y-T-I Workout for a Sexy Back

With the arrival of summer and ostentation of back-less dresses it time to get your back toned and do away with the side bulge. Little things such as the way we sit at work, or the way we carry our handbag, can have profound effects on our bodies, leading to backache – or worse. Luckily, posture is easily corrected.

The ideal back has a ‘V’ shape – strong, broad shoulders, tapering down to a trim waistline. For this, you need to concentrate on building up the latissimus dorsi, the rhomboids and the trapezius muscles. When you’re performing back-strengthening exercises, try and keep your back straight, and your abdominal muscles pulled in. This gives you a firm central ‘core‘ to work with.

The Y-T-I raises are easy to perform exercises at home to get  a well toned back.

Y Raises:

T Raises: 

I Raises:

Don’t expect to transform yourself from hunched hedgehog to graceful swan overnight. Remember that it’s not always possible to alter bad posture dramatically, but just being aware of any problems is a huge step forward. Cardiovascular exercise along with a reduced calorie diet will provide the best combination for losing fat all over your body- including the back.    

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