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Take A Yoga Break At Your Office Desk

Modern day office work requires long hours of sitting at a desk in front of a computer, which over time can result in back pain and repetitive stress injuries. Taking a few minutes off and stretching can help  loosen up your body, increase productivity and make you feel relaxed. It may sound impractical but with time you will see results.

Remember, all through these poses you need to maintain a proper body alignment, by watching your posture while sitting. You can do these yoga asanas either barefooted or with your shoes on. If possible use a foot rest for an erect posture.

Sitting Reed Pose

Seated Cow Pose

Seated Side Twist

Wrist Stretch

Sitting Backbend

Sitting Eagle Pose

By incorporating these modified yoga asanas in your office routine you can ward off stress at work. Once you are home you can practice deep breathing and relax.

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