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Soothing Yoga Asanas to Relieve Common Pregnancy Ailments

By Lara Heimann, Yoga pioneer & Physical Therapist 

Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous time but it can also be a very challenging time on a woman’s body. With the more obvious changes such as weight gain, an expanding uterus, and the accompanying fatigue from growing life, the changes to the soft tissue structures are often overlooked. Increased laxity in the ligaments during pregnancy occurs as the hormone, relaxin, prepares the body for the birthing process.

With the laxity, some women experience low back pain, pubic pain, in addition to increased tension in the shoulders as postural changes shift the center of gravity. Belly breathing practice can help minimize your discomfort during daily movements, such as getting out of bed or in and out of the car.

5 Moves to Alleviate Common Pregnancy Ailments

Lower Back Discomfort

Low Back and Pubis Discomfort

Low back and Pubis Discomfort

Shoulder and Thoracic Spine Mobility

Shoulder and Low Back Stretch

This move opens the shoulders and back body tissue, relieving the pull in the mid and lower back from the growing belly.

Note: You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional before starting an exercise routine.

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