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Yoga Sculpting: Integrating External Resistance

Yoga is a discipline involving the use of ones own body weight through multiple postures that challenge every muscle group from head to toe. Weight training can be complemented very well with Yoga poses, but one needs to be mindful how to combine these practices in order to avoid over training and tissue fatigue.


Before practicing yoga with weights you must learn the basics first.

Also keep in mind that weight training leaves a temporary residual ‘fatigue’ in the muscles that can affect the performance in your Yoga practice (for up to a couple of days) especially for practices that involve poses requiring endurance and/or strength-based transitions.

Yoga Asanas

Utkatasana (Chair pose (Db))

Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose I (Db))

Challenges like these can be implement in some yoga asanas but only once you have mastered the asana without weights.

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