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15 Exercises To Help You Complete Your New Years Resolution

As a certified trainer, I’ve seen so many clients enter a new year fired up, ready to achieve some amazing fitness resolutions. 

They’re always brimming with enthusiasm at the start, but often times that excitement dwindles and eventually dies. Sometimes they fall off after only a few weeks! 

If that hits a little too close to home, don’t worry. There’s still time to revive your resolution! 


Whether you’ve been going strong all year long or your goals are barely staying alive, here are my 15 favorite exercises for reviving your fitness resolutions!

Booty Building

1. Squats- Squats engage so many of your lower body muscles, and they’re extremely versatile, as there are a ton of awesome squat variations.

2. Glute Bridges- As the name implies, this exercise is great for really focusing in on your glutes. 

3. Lunges- These will work wonders for your glutes and hamstrings. They are also one of the most functional exercises you’ll find, as they mimic a motion that you might actually do in real life.

4. Deadlifts- Like squats, these have a ton of possible variations. They engage your glutes and hamstrings super effectively and can firm and shape your glutes like nothing else! 

5. Glute Kick Backs- This beautifully simple exercise is great for toning that bum, and it works with or without equipment.

Fat Blasting 

1. Sprints- To save time and improve fat-burning, ditch the prolonged steady-state run for some sprint intervals! 

2. Burpees- This exercise requires no equipment and very little space, so you can insert it into your home workout plan!

3. Tabata Training- Tabata isn’t an exercise, but a method of timing that you can incorporate into a number of exercises. It involves 8 rounds of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off, and can be applied to any up-tempo exercise that you want!

4. Swimming- Getting in the water makes for an awesome low impact total body workout.

5. Jump Rope- Jump roping is another HIIT workout that can help you burn calories, blast fat, and save time.

Core Crushers

1. Planks- These require very little space to perform, can be done with no equipment, and they’re great for both beginners and experts alike! 

2. Hanging Leg Raises- This exercise gets you up off of the floor and really zeroes in on your lower ab attachments, an area that many ab exercises don’t hit. 

3. Exercise Ball Crunches- Slow, controlled crunches using an exercise ball eliminates stress on your back and makes for a killer ab exercise!

4. Squats- Wait-these again? Yes! Although squats primarily target your lower body, it requires a ton of core strength to do them with good form.

5. HIIT Cardio- The fact is, you won’t see your abs getting more toned and defined while there’s a layer of fat concealing them! In order to get the most out of the hard work you’re putting into your abs, make sure not to skip cardio. 

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