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5 Exercises to Do Away With Bra Bulge

No woman loves the bra bulge, besides a weak upper body can also wreck your posture and bring on back pain. Get started before it gets late.

If you want to feel more confident in any armpit-bearing outfit, perform these exercises mentioned below. Work up to four sets of 12 reps of each exercise, and tack a few of them onto your regular strength-training routine.

Chest Flys

Note: Contraction of the chest muscles at the top of this movement is critical. The movement is similar to a bird flapping it’s wings while in an inverted position.

Bar Front Raises

Pushups to Superman

push-up with arms stretched wide strengthens your pectoral muscles so they will no longer hang out of the side of your bikini top. Get into push-up position but place your hands out wide…. about one foot beyond each of your shoulders.

Squat Thrusters

Overhead Pullovers

These exercises need to be balanced with a proper meal plan to seek results. Keep Training!

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