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Top 7 Hot Bikini Trends For 2017

With beach visit going to be a must in the month of June, July and August, a careful look at the current swimwear trends is definitely a must. Wearing the same two-piece you’ve had since that family beach trip 5 years ago, you might want to consider an upgrade.

Have a look at the latest trendy designs of 2017:

1. Side Designed One Piece:

This season the lace-ups & rings use has been reinvented with side ties that look much fresher than ever. Side designed one pieces are a great solution when you want to skip the exposure of a bikini. Choose from D-rings and laces to connect the front and back-end, and incorporating novel wrap designs to hide the midsection.

2. The Frong: 

This cut is certainly bound to turn heads. Kylie and other savvy social media sirens have pounced on the latest swimwear trend–the frong. One point to consider is that the frong may not be the most practical for wearers. It’s a bit awkward to show off such a specified part of the body, and it requires some serious… uh… maintenance down there.

3. The Mini Tee:  

2017 is all about the mini tee. Whether the sleeves are ruffled and off-the-shoulder, or full-shoulder caps, get ready to feel a little more dressed up. It definitely makes throwing together an après-swim look that much easier considering we’ll never need to switch out our swim tops. Besides this year, berry tones gain popularity in swimwear with blueberry to cranberry hues.

4. Prints with Stripes: 

A nautical, trending motif, and it looks super-new. Rainbow stripes have already taken over 2017, and we’re seeing an explosion of bright colors on one-pieces and high-waisted bikinis alike.


5. Asymmetrical one-shoulder suits 

They are another notion from the ’90s that are back with a vengeance.

6. Novel Materials Hit 2017: 

This season there’s a focus on more innovative materials: Crochet, velvet, and denim are the most popular choices, but don’t be amazed if you get to see fair share of leather look and lace options as well.

7. Minimalist Bralettes: 

These are there to stay. They’ve broken down the walls between bras being a confidentially hidden item and being considered casual wear to expose. Girls with a bigger bust needn’t shy away from triangle-shaped styles, just make sure that you shop ones that fit well.

Get going to check out the styles you’ll want to wear in this season.

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