An Insight into Miss Canada (Petite) Teri Mann's routine

Embracing the Look Good Feel Better Program, a unique non-profit program committed to helping women manage the appearance related effects of cancer and its treatment.

Teri�s interests developed in the field of Anatomy and Physiology which prevailed upon a medical profession as a MRI Technologist specializing in breast imaging.  She encounters not only breast cancer, but essentially ailing health in every aspect imaginable.  Since her inception to MRI, she has realized the value of taking charge of one�s health.  The dominating contributing factor to her healthy lifestyle is a daily fitness session at the local gym.


Fitness  Regime :-

Her daily fitness routine involves weight and cardiovascular training, combined with a healthy diet.  Teri likes to start out with cardio training for forty-five to sixty minutes.  Her favourites are the stair-climber and the treadmill.  After cardio she likes to stretch out to prep her muscles for weight training.  She uses circuit training to burn maximum calories while incorporating abdominal exercises in between the major muscle group sets.  She works in a four day cycle - shoulders, arms, back, gluteus, and legs.


Diet :-

Teri likes to eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day to keep her metabolism up.  Her favourite breakfast is oatmeal flavoured with cinnamon, lunch involves a chicken breast with a tossed salad topped with mandarin vinaigrette, supper consists of a bison patty with steamed vegetables, and healthy vegetable snacks throughout the day.  Teri doesn�t count calories or weigh her food; she eats healthy portions and consumes water throughout the day to stay hydrated.  She also has a cheat meal every now and then to satisfy her cravings.

Fighting for a Cause :-

Giving back through causes that are influential and compelling in her life and pursuing deeper community involvement were actions enhanced through her title as Miss Canada Petite.  Embracing the Look Good Feel Better Program, supporting breast cancer, and being a proactive fitness advocate were amicable decisions for her, and something she�s so honoured to be a part of.

The Look Good Feel Better Program is a unique non-profit program committed to helping women manage the appearance related effects of cancer and its treatment.   Beauty comes from a place no one can touch, and this program helps to see that nothing can take that away, not even cancer.  Teri is also involved in the CIBC Run for the Cure.

Miss Canada Petite would love to see an initiative for others to take charge of their health by means of a tax deduction to stay physically active by extending the existing federal Children�s Fitness Tax Credit to include everyone.  This would not only benefit the population as a whole, but would in turn save huge health care dollars.

To make a difference, Teri is staying at the top of her career to be of maximum benefit to her patients, changing the way women look at themselves, and last but definitely not least, volunteering her time and encouraging others to follow suit by drawing attention to the issues she believes so strongly in. 


It�s important that we all take a stand to help each other as we will all be affected by some degree of separation.  The most powerful prescription we have is knowledge, early detection, and most importantly leading a healthy and active lifestyle which includes visiting a local fitness centre on a regular basis.  Incentive needs to be given in the form of expanding the Children's Fitness Tax Credit to include all with a tax deduction for proactive intervention rather than more costly retroactive measures.


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