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Ashley Spencer on Winning 400 m Hurdles at the Olympics & Lots More

Ashley Spencer is an American track and field athlete who competes in the 400 metres and the 400 metres hurdles. In the 400m hurdles, she is the 2016 Olympic bronze medalist. In the 400m, she is the 2012 World Junior Champion and the 2016 World Indoor silver medalist.

At the 2012 World Junior Championships Spencer won gold medals in both the 400 meters and the 4×400 meter relay. At the 2013 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships Spencer finished third in the 400m. In 2013 World Championships in Moscow she won a gold medal in the 4 × 400 m relay, along with Jessica Beard, Natasha Hastings and Francena McCorory.

Spencer won a silver medal in the 400m in 51.77 and a gold medal in the 4 × 400 m relay at the 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon. At the Rio Olympics, she won the bronze medal in the 400m hurdles in a personal best time of 53.72 seconds.

In June 2017, Spencer moved into the world all-time top 25 when she improved her 400m hurdles best to 53.11 seconds. She is Professional Sprinter for Nike Athletics and University of Texas at Austin Alum.

Ashley Spencer Medal record

Olympic Games

Bronze medal– third place2016 Rio de Janeiro 400 m hurdles

World Championships

Gold medalfirst place            2013 Moscow4×400 m relay

World Indoor Championships

Gold medalfirst place            2016 Portland4×400 m relay
Silver medalsecond place 2016 Portland400 m

World Relay Championships

Gold medalfirst place            2017 Nassau4×400 m relay

World Junior Championships

Gold medalfirst place2012 Barcelona  400 m
Gold medalfirst place2012 Barcelona  4×400 m relay

Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar did a candid interview with Ashley Spencer, World Champion 4×400 m relay and  Olympic bronze medalist in 400m hurdles where she talks about her workout, diet, hair & skincare, and her success story.

Namita Nayyar:

You are the 2016 Olympic bronze medalist. Share how your journey in the world of athletics began?

Ashley Spencer:

My journey began at a young age. I was very shy, I was bullied growing up, I had low self-esteem, low confidence. I grew up in a very athletic environment, both of my parents were former high school athletes, my uncle and my aunt had professional careers after college athletics, my older sister and brother did sports growing up so naturally I was athletic at a very young age.

I started playing basketball with my sister at a local church and once we reached high school together, I only played because my sister did. My late grandmother, Joyce Campbell, is the woman who pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone to start running track. I was soon coached by my aunt once I reached high school and the rest is history.

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This interview is exclusive and taken by Namita Nayyar President and should not be reproduced, copied or hosted in part or full anywhere without an express permission.

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Namita Nayyar:

In June 2017, you moved into the world all-time top 25 when you improved your 400m hurdles best to 53.11 seconds.

5 factors that were instrumental to your victory?

Ashley Spencer:

Well, primarily I was much focused coming off the Olympic year. I knew that there were a lot of things that I could change, a lot of things that I had to change, if I wanted to crack the all-time list. I changed my diet. I changed how I was recovering after practice. I took the time out to focus on myself mentally. I attacked every training session with everything I had.  I was just very passionate about being bettering myself as an athlete.

 Namita Nayyar:

Introduce us to a day in your life, as an athlete and a woman full of aspirations.

Ashley Spencer:

I always start my day with a cup of coffee and silence. I prepare myself for the stresses and the messes that could unfold throughout the day and I affirm myself that I am strong enough to overcome them.

After breakfast, mainly protein-based; lots of eggs, bacon, that sort of thing, I prep the outside. I do my hair, my makeup or whatever the day calls for. After training, I’ll have a light lunch, come home and roll out, stretch, and recover my body. Sometimes, I’ll flex my creative juices by working on my podcast Thoughts From the Throne, or I’ll bake something (since I want to own a bakery in my future) . I’ll make dinner then head to bed.

Namita Nayyar:

What exercises comprise your fitness regime or workout routine? Five keys to enhanced performance.

Ashley Spencer:

Being a hurdler, I have to make sure my hips are loose so the crocodile walks, hurdle roll overs and leg swings are crucial in my warm up. I will also do short sprints to prepare me for sprinting and one long burn out to make sure my body is ready for competition

Namita Nayyar:

Share the diet that you follow to remain healthy and physically fit? 5 foods you absolutely love. Two quick energy boosters post-workout.

Ashley Spencer:

I have a high protein diet so I eat eggs and chicken almost on a regular basis. I love blueberries, really sweet ones so those are always stocked in the fridge. I almost always have sweet potatoes as well. I eat those for breakfast in a hash with sweet onions, bacon, Italian seasonings with a fried egg on top. One thing I cannot live without is a great, brewed up coffee.

Post workout I usually go for two things: cashews and cheese. Those to me are the best snacks ever!

Namita Nayyar:

Having to train constantly in extreme climate conditions, how did you take care of your skin and hair?

Ashley Spencer:

I put everything in maintaining the health of my hair and skin, especially during the season when I am traveling. For my skin, I try to get facials normally; I exfoliate every 2 days after training. I do facemasks (my favorite being the Boscia Charcoal peel off masks and the Aveeno 60 sec in shower facial masks).

I drink plenty of water and I always eat blueberries which are really good for skin and hair. My hair gets deep conditioned once a week if it’s not in protective styles like braids or under a wig as well as keep my hair moisturized using As I Am, Shea Moisture, Mane Choice and Melanin Hair Care products (all my favorites).

Namita Nayyar:

Who has been your greatest motivator in your career? Motivation quote you live by.

Ashley Spencer:

The greatest motivator of my career is my nephews Kaden and Avery. They look up to me and I have to continue to be a role model and a loving aunt to them.

One motivational quote I live by is proverbs 4:12 which is tattooed on my foot . It reads “When you walk your steps will not be hampered, when you run you will not stumble”

Namita Nayyar:

Your Instagram page shows that you are also a fashion lover off the tracks. Tell us your five must-haves in the wardrobe?

Ashley Spencer:
  1. Jean jackets
  2. Graphic band t-shirt
  3. Good pair of well-fitting jeans, any pair that makes you feels sexy and confident
  4. Comfortable heels
  5. Statement piece (for me, it’s my diamond Olympic Rings chain)
Namita Nayyar:

Five tips to work upon for aspiring female athletes.

Ashley Spencer:
  1. Never let anyone tell you can’t do something
  2. Stay focused on your goals and fray away from distractions
  3. Remember strong is beautiful
  4. You can slay and still kick some butt
  5. Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and NEVER settle
Namita Nayyar:

Share a few words about the website and message for your fans?

Ashley Spencer: has a lot of great articles for women interested in living a healthful and active lifestyle. It gives you the tools and motivation you need to stay fit and help reach any goal you set for yourself.

Not everyone’s journey looks the same. It’s hard work, it won’t be easy but most things worth having aren’t easy. As long as God put that dream on your heart, it is your job to put your faith back in Him and go after it!

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This interview is exclusive and taken by Namita Nayyar, President and should not be reproduced, copied or hosted in part or full anywhere without an express permission.

All Written Content Copyright © 2020 Women Fitness 

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