Hair Styling: Blow-Drying

By following our step by step you can achieve the smoothest sleekest blow-dry ever.



  • Comb through with a wide toothed comb to remove any angles.



  • Partially dry your hair to remove excess continue.


  • Apply an handful of mousse to the palm of your hand.


  • Using your other hand spread the mousse through the hair distributing it evenly from the tip to the ends.

  • Divide your hair into two main sections by clipping the top and sides out of the way. Then working on the hair that is left free and taking one small section at a time hold the dryer in one hand and a styling brush in the other. Place the brush underneath it at the roots. Keeping the tension on the hair taut (but without undue stress) move the brush down towards the ends directing the air flow from the dryer so that it follows the downwards  movements of the brush.

  • Curve the brush under at the ends to achieve a slight bend. Concentrate on drying the root area first repeatedly introducing the brush to the roots once it has moved down the length of the hair. Continue the movement until the first section of the hair is dry. Repeat step 6 until the whole of the black section is completely dry.


  • Release a section of hair from the top and dry in the same manner. Continue in this way until you have dried all yours hair . Finish by smoothing a few drops of serums through the hairs to flatten any flyaway ends.


  • Use the highest heat or speed setting to remove excess moisture then switch to medium to finish drying .

  • Point the air flow downwards . This smoothest the cuticles and makes the hair shine .

  • When blow drying make sure each section is completely dry before going on to the next .


Styling Checklist


You will need:-

  • Styling Comb

  • Dryer

  • Mousse

  • Clip

  • Styling brush

  • Serum

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