Hair Styling: Tong and Twist

Tongs can also be used to smooth the hair and just the right amount of movement.



  • Shampoo condition and dry your hair. Apply a mist of styling lotion. Nerve use mousee as it will stick to the tongs and bake into the hair. Divide off a small of hair.



  • Press the depressor to open the tongs.



  • Wind the section of hair around the barrel of the tongs.


  • Release the depressors to hold the hair in place and wait a few seconds for the curl to form. Remove the tongs and leave the hair to cool while you work on the rest of the hair. Style by raking through with your fingers.


  • Never use tongs on bleached hair. The high heat can damage the hair, causing brittleness and breakage.


Styling Checklist


You will need:-

  • Styling Lotion

  • Tongs

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