Cardio Striptease to a Steamy Workout


 Cardio Striptease to a Steamy Workout   If you are looking for a strong upper body and incredibly tight abs or bored with daily cardio routine, striptease workout is here for you to burn calories!

Classified as low intensity cardio workout ( 55% hype in heart rate), for women of all shapes and sizes it can offer a good steamy workout. This workout help you burn somewhere between 600-700 calories.

Don't forget to turn on your favorite song and heat up the room with a mini performance, especially with the free dance.

Exercises for a Steamy Workout

  • Hello Kitty: a full squat to the floor with your feet together but knees spread. Feel your hips, glutes and thighs muscles in action.

  • Spicy California Roll: Do regular roll with your arms overhead. Get on the tiptoe steps to get your calves working. After striking a sultry pose, check your oblique muscles in action as you shake your upper body side to side.

  • Back-Pocket Roll-Up:  Side your hands into your “back pockets” and roll your hips, you engage the glutes and hip flexors. Lean forward toward your ankles and roll up slowly,  stretch your hamstrings and work your back muscles.

  • Leg Drag: Fire up your inner and outer thighs while sculpting your lower back as you sway your shoulders and arms side to side.

  •  Cardio Striptease to a Steamy Workout   Shimmy Roll: A shimmy is characterized by the rapid controlled shaking of a specific part of the body while the rest of the body remains still. Shimmies in training can also be loose and general shaking, reverberating through the entire body. This exercise involves a slight lean forward, but the chest remains out (so no slouching) as if you were to have your hands in front of you, as if you were a conga player, you would start to naturally make a shimmy movement.

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Dated  18 March 2015


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