Cindy Landolt: World Leading Fitness Trainer from Switzerland Reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets


Cindy Landolt: World Leading Fitness Trainer from Switzerland Reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

Cindy Landolt is world leading fitness trainer from Switzerland in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness

Ms. Namita Nayyar:

Tell us about your journey that took you to the top of the world of fitness training?

Ms. Cindy Landolt:

The first steps I took towards becoming a fitness trainer began after I stopped training as a gymnast at the age of 16, I was simply too tall to be competitive, and this left a large hole in the physical side of my life, so I began spending a lot of time training at local gyms and learning the benefits of resistance training.

From there I enrolled in the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports �SAFS� and became a qualified Personal trainer and fitness instructor with a federal specialized document, a nutrition coach, rehabilitation coach, workout/strength training specialist, weight loss specialist and sports related coach, preparing sports professionals for competitions etc.

During this period I also worked in a local gym and gained real world experience working with members and understanding the many variations between individual trainees physiques and goals.

I remember being fascinated by the adaptive process that determines the rate and scale of your progress relative to your objectives. I became almost obsessed with understanding human ergonomics and the way in which individual exercises affected different body parts, and how to create the perfect program to reach a certain goal as quickly and safely as is humanly possible. It is this very optimization of training time and nutritional support that I have carried through to my personal training business.

In 2009 I started my own personal training company in Zurich Switzerland, I was looking for clients that were truly motivated to improve their bodies, not people who were looking for a way to appease their feelings of physical inadequacy by simply hiring a trainer that would tell them they were �doing ok and improving�, when in truth they were just feeding their egos.

I created programs that made it very easy for me to monitor my trainees� progress and improvement, this was essential in understanding how to quickly alter and adapt a routine to an individual, and also motivate my trainees through actual progress.

It�s very important that they actually see an improvement, and aren't told to �do a certain exercise for 6 months and then we will review it and see if it worked!�

I appraise each and every session by taking meticulous notes about the trainee, from their mood on the day, to the amount of rest they have had even personal problems that may have them at a less than 100%. This is far more important than people realize! Humans are not robots and these external factors play an enormous role in the outcome of a session.

Subsequently my trainees receive truly tailor made routines that are created to ensure they reach their objectives with minimal exposure to injury, whilst keeping them engaged and motivated from throughout their training journey.

I believe that it is this extreme level of detail that has gained me such a large following in the fitness industry and what sets me apart from many others in the World of fitness training.


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Dated 05 June 2014


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