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Eight Celebrities Who Made It To Maxim Hot 100 List 2021. Now on Women Fitness.

In counting down to the 2021 winner, the Maxim magazine posted its Hot 100 list. From athletes to entrepreneurs, entertainers and influencers, these women represent the leading lights in their chosen endeavors, setting an example for us all.

Below are 8 celebrities who made it to the Maxim Hot 100 Lists, catch them in conversation with Women Fitness (for a deeper insight visit the link to their interview indicated) about their health & fitness journey, workout routine, diet & lifestyle.

#1- Saweetie:

Music being her passion and foundation, it has helped to open the doors for all of the other things that she has achieved in life. Talking about one hair care and skincare tip on Women Fitness that she swears by? Saweetie say

“I would definitely say deep conditioning your hair. I get my hair done a lot and I have noticed that my hair is starting to thin. When it comes to skin, it’s all about daily masks and moisturizing your skin.”

#2- Barbara Palvin:

Supermodel Palvin is ranked 40 on the Top 50 Models Women list by In her interview she sharesher skincare and hair care routine, read on “Normally I get ready in 15 minutes. If I go somewhere I need half an hour to take a shower, wash my hair, dry and fix it. I just cleanse my face,and then I use my BB cream, what you can put it on easily and a little mascara and blush for the final touch. I brush my hair and it’s done. In the end you can put your lipstick on, on the go!

When it comes to makeup, I usually focus on the lips and the eyes. I like making my eyes pop a little bit by applying a lot of mascara. Dark red and burgundy are my favorite lipstick colors. I always keep my skin clean, and moisturized.” Her tips for rock perfect photo-shoot:

  1. First of all rest as much as possible before the shoot!
  2. Get some nice breakfast so you’re energized!
  3. Bond with the team because it makes the shooting so much better!
  4. Good atmosphere!
  5. Being flexible and patient!

#3- Irina Shayk

Asmentioned on Wikipedia Irina Shayk gave her interview on website Women Fitness where she talks about her workout, diet, skincare, and hair care under the title “Irina Shayk: Sexiest Woman In The World Reveals Her Beauty & Workout Secrets!” Sharing an insight on her hair care and skincare routine, she adds “Since I travel so much I try to clean and refresh my skin at list 2 or 3 times a day! I moisturize it with my favorite cream from Avon! Once a week I make a coconut oil mask and I always to drink a lot of water and green tea. When I am in NY once a week I go to Russian banya (steam room), it works great for my skin. I don’t do facials – my skin doesn’t need it.

With my hair I am using masks (my favorite one is coconut oil mask) and I try to avoid hair dryer when I can.”

#4- Sara Sampaio

Best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Giorgio Armani beauty ambassador and working for Calzedonia, she has made it to Maxim Top 100 list this year. In her interview with Women Fitness, she adds “When it comes to my hair I am truly fortunate to have strong healthy hair so I don’t have to do much with it, I just need a good haircut. My stylist Danielle Priano is the only one aloud to touch it. I wash my hair and use conditioner daily, and maybe do a mask once in a while. I like to use Pantene shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using it for years, and I’ve tried so many different brands (high end, affordable, etc.) and I always come back to it. The mask I really love is the Morrocan oil mask and lately I’ve been using the Morrocan oil treatment on my ends for maximum hydration.”

On skin care, she adds “When it comes to my skin, I wish I could tell you I have a miracle product but I really am still trying to figure out the best routine. I make sure I stay hydrated since what your skin looks on the outside comes from inside so it is important to hydrate and eat a lot of antioxidant rich foods. If I had to name a few products I like to use I’d say Charlotte Tilbury’s magic cream and I use the Sisley hydration mask after every flight as I travel often.”

Message for her fans “If someone said you will never do something, then show them they are wrong and do everything to achieve what you want. It takes hard work, perseverance, sweat, tears, laughs, professionalism and never letting anyone limiting you! If you want something, go and get it – that’s my motto.”

#5- Joy Corrigan:

An international model, actress, and philanthropist, she has managed to stand out amongst her peers with her passion for acting, her artistic eye for fashion, and her love for animals. Talking about a healthy morning ritual that you follow, she adds “I try to make my mornings intentional and mindful. Every day, right when I wake up, I start with a large glass of water followed by a quick meditation. Next, I make a fully organic coffee that includes Chaga mushrooms, Ashwagandha, and MCT coconut oil while I review my daily to-do list. Finally, I do a light workout, which includes stretching/yoga and a 30-minute jog before starting on my day!”

#6- Tia Blanco:

A professional surfer her best vegan snacks are Coconut + chia seed + mango popsicles, nacho “cheese” kale chips, and quinoa cocoa puffs as shared by her on Women Fitness. Her say on being a being a surfer/vegan/yogi “I think that surfing, health, and yoga all go hand in hand and help me to be the best person I can be mentally and physically. I definitely would say eating a plant-based diet benefits my practice as a yogi and a surfer because I always seem to have a lot of energy throughout my workouts. Also, I feel as if my yoga benefits my surfing because it helps me with pliability.” And with surfing becoming an official Olympic sport in 2021, we’re guaranteed to see Tia on the podium in future games.

#7- Tammy Hembrow:

Labeled as the ‘Queen of Instagram’ & Founder of the talks about her fitness routine & motherhood on Women Fitness. One glute exercises she highly recommends to prevent joint pain is “‘sit to stand’ the easiest way to do this is to grab a chair and pretend you’re about to sit on it and then stand up- for best results do this as slow as possible and remember to squeeze!”

#8- Massy Arias:

Massiel “Massy” Indhira Arias is the exuberant Certified Personal Trainer, formerly known as Mankofit, who is changing lives and inspiring a new generation of trainers. In her interview with Women Fitness she talks about her diet stating “My diet is very diverse. I try to incorporate all foods groups to never feel deprived and stay focused all year around. Balance is key for me. I always treat myself to things I passionately love (cookies, cupcakes), but I do follow a “fixed” regulated diet 90% of the time. Right now I’ve transitioned to a more plant based / pescaterian lifestyle and I can honestly say I feel like a brand new person.” Talking about her glowing skin and gorgeous hair, she adds “I drink tons of water and I eat a lot of vegetables including a power green multivitamin. I notice that when I am not hydrated my skin is very dull, and when I am not consistent with my intake of veggies (special if I’m traveling), my skin turns into a mess.

I happen to use African Black soap stick bar from Shea moisture for both my face and my body. When it comes to my hair I’ve stuck to the Jamaican black castor oil line from Shea moisture.” The crazy thing is that Massy actually got into fitness to combat depression, and not only did it literally save her life, but she’s also now a social media and fitness star because of that one decision – to get fit.

“Embrace and love yourselves for who and what you are because only the purest heart shines through. “Says Teyana Taylor, Maxim’s 2021 “Sexiest Woman Alive.

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