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8 Tips to an Empowered Mindset

In life, having an empowered mindset is a significant component of health and happiness.

But how do we shift our mindset to one of empowerment? And hold tight to the power when times are tricky?

8 Tips For Empowered Mindset

Recognize Resilience. Tough times – yep, we’ve all had them. But we’re still standing and moving forward (even one baby step at a time). Our journey won’t always be comfortable, but if we can acknowledge our durability, and take stock in our thriving, we’ll be ready to conquer the next challenge when it comes – with grit and courage.

Own Your Space. Take up the space that surrounds you with confidence, even if you have to fake it a bit. Head high, shoulders back, eye-contact – you got this. When I own the space I inhabit, I continue to grow, and then I take up even more. Start small, feel the power in it, then keep flourishing.

Preparation Matters. Staring at the pull-up bar with a 25-pound Kevlar vest on during FBI SWAT tryouts was daunting, but I had trained hard for the moment, and I was ready. Let’s make sure to be fully prepared if we pursue a goal: mind, body, and soul. Preparation makes the reward more attainable, and it’s the journey sometimes, not the destination. P.S. – I crushed it that day!

Situational Awareness. Acknowledge the good and bad around you – then educate yourself on personal safety. Education over fear builds empowerment. By upping my awareness game, I can handle situations because I saw them BEFORE they happened, and I could re-route myself if the circumstances weren’t healthy or safe.

Backup Crew. Of course, I’m not an independent, badass, she-wolf 100% of the time. Knowing I have supporters reminds me I am capable of doing great things. And in the moments I don’t succeed, I’ve got my crew to catch me if I fall.

Proper Fuel. Feeling powerful keeps us in a state of upward health – strong minds create strong bodies we can fuel with life experiences. Fueling the cycle sustains me – knowing any lows can be ridden back into the high points I cherish. If we keep what we feed our bodies and our minds positive, it will be powerful!

Body Positivity. No myths, no comparisons. Embrace what you’re working with. Don’t shop around to see what else is out there – it’s already inside, the outer shell is just frosting. Cultivate it and enjoy it. If my 5’4″ 115-pound self can be an FBI SWAT Sniper, and empower hundreds of women and girls, and produce two children…imagine what yours can do!

Be a Manifestation-Farmer. Not all the seeds we plant will grow. But tending to our ambitions and personal passions brings a sense of grounded-ness that is fulfilling throughout the seasons. What does bloom will be beautiful in its own time.

When we embrace our mental toughness and recognize our bodies’ strength, we can be unstoppable in every area of our lives. Tricky times included.

Credit: Stacey Mitry is a former FBI Agent and SWAT Sniper, who currently thrives as a Mom of two, and is on a mission to educate and empower girls and women in every community through Empowered Mindset & Self Defense Classes.

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